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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why get a Personal Trainer?
A: Knowledge, Motivation, Consistency, Efficiency, Health & Safety.
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Q: Aren’t all Personal Trainers about the same?
A: No. Certifications, experience, specializations and personalities can differ greatly from one Personal Trainer to the next. To find a Personal Trainer that fits your needs, it is important that you interview more than one candidate in order to maximize your chances for success. Make sure that you make a list of your “must have” traits before you begin your search.
Q: Is it expensive to hire a Personal Trainer?
A: The cost of hiring a Personal Trainer can vary greatly. Location, experience, travel time (in home) and education are just a few of the factors that can play a role in the final price. However, most Personal Trainers offer a package deal for multiple sessions.

The ultimate question is, “Is it worth it?” Absolutely! What’s a better investment than your body and your health?
Q: Do I have to join a health club in order to work with a Personal Trainer there?
A: Not necessarily. Many clubs allow non-members to work with their Personal Trainers, at their clubs, for a small fee.
Q: Are there hidden costs to me for using this site?
A: No. Personal Trainers and advertisers alone pay for the maintenance of this site, in order to provide a free service to you.
Q: I'm a trainer. How do I get my picture on the site?
A: Follow these directions.

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