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Our Mission

Our Mission, and we choose to accept it, is to bring together qualified, motivating personal trainers with people, like you and me, who have aims of fitness training but cannot seem to achieve their goals on their own.

We believe strongly in the power of personal trainers. The commitment to your fitness goals becomes PERSONAL. It is much easier to break a date with a machine or a video than with a person. Not just any person - the personal trainer who pumps you up, motivates and inspires you to achieve and leaves you looking forward to the next time!

We want to look good and feel good. However, to achieve that goal is not always so simple. We, at Personal Trainer Network, believe that personal trainers hold a KEY to achieving our individual fitness goals, whether that goal is to lose 20 pounds, run a marathon, regain strength after childbirth or build endurance for a family bike tour in Colorado!

For the client, we offer a FREE service! We recruit personal trainers who are looking for YOU!

For the personal trainer, for a nominal fee, we offer active promotion of our web site and of YOU!

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