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Testimonials from our Trainer's clients
George George
 “The experience and enthusiasm that George provides cannot be duplicated at larger fitness clubs. He has truly helped me increase my strength, flexibility and endurance levels with a program specifically designed with my personal goals in mind.”
  -- Mike F., Westmont, IL
 “After my third child, I needed some new goals for myself. I didn’t feel fit and wanted some changes.

What I changed:
  • My body fat went from 19 percent to 16 percent.
  • My tennis game improved due to increased strength and stamina.
  • My clothes fit great and I look and feel energized.
How I did it:
  • I committed to 3 days of weight training per week with George.
  • Did cardio 3 days per week.
  • Made small changes to my diet with George’s tips & recipes.
 “In only 6 months, I lowered my body fat from 18.5% to 12 percent and lost 7 lbs. of fat.  Eight months later, I am still maintaining my fitness level because of George’s customized weight training routine, what he taught me about healthy eating and his relentless and constant support.”
  -- Lisa D., Hinsdale, IL
 “A novice weight trainer, I never could have dreamed the results I have seen in the past year while training with George. I have lost body fat and reshaped my body with compliments from my peers about my muscle tone… I never thought I would lift over 100 pounds with my upper body and 135 with my legs. George’s motivational push and guidance is just what I needed.”
  -- Vicki B., Hindale, IL
Joshua Joshua
 “Since getting (MAT) I don't need my knee brace and I don't have any more knee pain.”
  -- NS
 “I think MAT is on the right track, I swam 2 personal best times and set a national record days after our last treatment”
  -- MK
 “I trained to do a 60 mile 3 day walk thanks to Joshua's help, and we continue to achieve new heights with my body.”
  -- EJ
 “I have lost over 25 pounds with our trainer in just over 8 weeks.”
  -- TJ
 “After two months of working with Josh I cut my diabetic meds in half.”
  -- PT
 “I was able to do fifteen men's pushups last week, when I started I couldn't do one.”
  -- GM
Steve Steve
 “I trust Steve's opinions on what he does, and I know a fair amount in terms of exercise myself, but what I don't know I know that he does, and he is concerned enough to tell me if I'm doing something wrong. He's honest, and won't sell something he doesn't believe in, support, or have done research into. I'd recommend him.”
  -- Dave, Wheaton, IL
 “In an attempt to finally put my health as a top priority in my life, I decided to follow a friend's recommendation and contact Steve to help me in my fitness quest. This has turned out to be one of the better decisions of my life. After following Steve's direction, I can honestly say that I am now stronger and healthier than I have been at any point of my life. Steve's training methods and recommended daily workout routine has helped me get closer towards my fitness goal both during our sessions and while I am traveling. Steve's patience and guidance over the past 10 months have added years too and helped increase the quality of my life. Thanks Steve!!!‎”
  -- Dan, Tinley Park, IL
 “I knew Steve way back when he started out in personal training. He has always been very knowledgeable and intense. Over the years he has gained confidence in his training methods that can only come with years of experience.”
  -- Jen, Batavia, IL
 “As a professional paintballer, your body is pushed to the limit each time you step onto the field. With the combination of running, jumping, diving and crawling; physical fitness is a must. This year I am coming off an injury from the 2009 season and I have hired Steve to get me back to the level where I need to be in order to compete. In just a few short weeks I have noticed dramatic improvement in my overall fitness when competing. The changes in my body are coming along very nice and I'm always looking forward to our next sessions to see what he has in store for me. I feel that 2010 will be a great season for me and I know that a huge part of that success will be to the program that Steve has put together for me.”
  -- Kevin, Wheaton, IL
 “Steve's training tips and passion for physical fitness have motivated me to step up my marathon training methods, and this year I am on track to beat my marathon personal record! I highly recommend!”
  -- Bethany, Elmhurst, IL
 “I started working with Steve when he was training at a high profile health club. I sought Steve as my trainer - among the dozen or so trainers at that club - because of his credentials. His certifications out-shined those of his peers and I transitioned with him when he left the club to his private facility. Working together for about one year, Steve helped me push my physical and emotional boundaries as it related to my health and fitness goals. With Steve's help, I learned how to work out on my own and develop a well-rounded fitness routine that I was able to apply to my weekly routines after I moved from the suburbs. Also of importance, I always felt like Steve cared about me both as his client and as an individual; six years later, we remain friends.”
  -- Bria, Chicago, IL
 “I'm mainly a long distance runner. However, Steve motivated me to incorporate speed training techniques into my routine. After two months of speed work, I was able to shave several seconds off my mile time. He pointed out the importance of diversifying my training and that really made a difference in my overall fitness. In addition, Steve initiated core strength exercise ideas that made my balance and stability improve more than my expectations. This has contributed to becoming a stronger and more confident runner.”
  -- Jason, Naperville, IL
 “Last year, at the age of 41, I decided to make an all-out effort to get into shape. So, I bought a bunch of gym equipment and began daily workout routines of my own creation. After ten months I had achieved decent results, but couldn't quite seem to get to where I wanted. That is when I hired Steve and began working out with him twice a week. After just two months, not only can I see changes in my body, but my strength and endurance have increased noticeably. Steve is showing me the true meaning of being physically fit, challenging me to levels that I could not achieve on my own.
He takes the boredom out of exercising by making each session varied and unique. I still have a ways to go before my body has the look that I want, but I know Steve will be a key to my success.

  -- Robert, Bolingbrook, IL
Nora Nora
 “It’s hard to believe that at the age of 54, I am exercising regularly and loving it! I especially appreciate Nora’s emphasis on proper form and her ability to modify my workouts to accommodate my lumbar arthritis and bone spurs in my neck. The variety of exercises and Nora’s encouragement help me to keep going!”
  -- Mary O., Downers Grove, IL
 “Through the years my weight would yo-yo, especially after giving birth to three children…When I started working with Nora I began to lose weight, but I was very out of shape and frequently tired… Just after a couple weeks of training with her, I noticed an increase in my energy level and an improvement in my mood…After seven months, I have lost weight, gained muscle strength, gained a more attractive shape, improved my endurance, gained more energy, and have experienced a more restful sleep… Working with Nora has helped me see that getting fit is not an impossible dream, but a realistic goal.”
  -- Becky W., Elmhurst, IL
 Nora truly loves what she does, and it shows in her dedication to helping people achieve their goals… She is very knowledgeable about exercise and fitness and offers the kind of support we all need to keep focused.”
  -- Rosina R., Naperville, IL
 “I contracted 25 personal training sessions with Nora, which was scheduled two times a week. In that time, approximately 3 months, I lost 15 pounds. But even better than that improvement, I gained not only strength, but flexibility and balance! …My golf instructor noticed a vast improvement in my first lesson this spring! Her routines were well diversified…targeting many different muscle groups, focusing on the “core”. She was very attentive, showing tons of encouragement.”
  -- George M., Chicago, IL
 “It’s hard to believe that at the age of 54, I am exercising regularly and loving it! I especially appreciate Nora’s emphasis on proper form and her ability to modify my workouts to accommodate my lumbar arthritis and bone spurs in my neck. The variety of exercises and Nora’s encouragement help me to keep going!”
  -- Mary O., Downers Grove, IL
 “Working with Nora as my personal trainer has been a priceless investment in my health…Nora provided me with the knowledge to begin a fitness program and the motivation to continue…I am sure that without Nora’s support and instruction, I probably would have quit.”
  -- Sherry C., Naperville, IL
 “I have learned more in 4 months with Nora than I have learned in all my months and months of Physical Therapy at different hospitals.  I feel better than I have in years and I give much credit to Nora for teaching me all these new exercises and working me very hard….Nora is the ultimate training professional.”
  -- Ron W., Saint Mary’s University, Winona, MN
Nicholas Nicholas

"Since I started training with Nick nearly one year ago, my workouts and my attitude have reached a whole new level. Even as a former college athlete, Nick has been able to generate results that I never would have been able to obtain on my own. I had reached a plateau toward my weight loss and strength gain goals, but Nick’s ability to analyze my body type, my strengths and weaknesses, and his willingness to mold these with my own goals has allowed me to unlock my body’s full potential.

The results have been astounding and I have now lost an additional 23 lbs. in 7 month’s. Not only have I gained strength, flexibility and quickness, but I have also gained new perspective on what I can achieve as an individual and what I can accomplish with my body and mind. "

  -- John Holborow, Chicago, IL.

I began training with Nick in January 2006 at the age of 48. He has exceeded all expectations I had of working with a personal trainer and convinced me that it is never too late to get in shape. Nick has given me a new appreciation for exercise and has kept me accountable in accomplishing my weight loss goal. To date, I have lost 39lbs and I am working towards new and loftier goals.

He sincerely cares about his client’s health and strives for excellence in his profession. His perfectionism keeps the training sessions intense and rewarding. I appreciate his patience in making sure I do the exercises with proper form. I have more energy and strength today than I have had in years because of Nick’s training. I highly recommend his service to anyone of any age.

  -- Jeanette Shamis, Sugar Grove, IL.

I am pleased to extend and share my experience in using Nick as my main trainer. I have been working out 3 times a week with Nick for the past year and a half and he continues to blow me away with his knowledge of exercise physiology. He has been a god-sent in motivating me and helping to shed the stubborn pounds that were slowing me down. He has been instrumental in guiding me to feel stronger, leaner, and focused. I have found over the years that many people claim to be “personal trainers”, but few actually deliver. I feel very fortunate to have Nick as part of my exercise regimen; his knowledge and professionalism place him at the head of the pack.”
  -- Rocco Salviola, Naperville, IL.

“Since training with Nick , I have never been more fit in my entire life! Not only did I lose 35 pounds within my first year of training but I’ve kept the weight off for over five years now. I can’t believe how much more energy I have and how my level of endurance has dramatically increased, especially in my cardio workouts. I have also gained strength, flexibility and balance, along with a stronger and more stable core.

I know I would never have been able to reach these results on my own. While stressing proper body mechanics and good form during each training session, Nick also motivates and challenges me to reach my maximum potential. He always adds something new to each workout, to keep the sessions from becoming old and routine.

Nick brings a high level of energy and motivation to every personal training session. Nick is an extremely qualified, experienced and dedicated trainer – a true professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their level of fitness.”

  -- Maureen Drone, Aurora, IL.

As a prior athlete, I have always valued a good workout and total body fitness. With Nick as my fitness trainer, my workouts are always intense and highly effective. I called upon Nick’s help after the birth of my second child. I was working out consistently and dieting, but I found losing the weight and gaining back my muscle tone too difficult to achieve on my own. My scale was showing lower numbers, but my clothes just weren’t fitting the same.

Working with Nick has given me the motivation and a new confidence to set larger goals and get greater results for myself. Nick’s workouts combine weight training and cardio circuits that have definitely maximized my results. After almost three years with Nick, I still can’t predict my workouts and my body still responds positively to all our efforts. The combination of his circuit training variations and workout accessories make every workout a new and energizing experience. What truly makes Nick and his workouts so effective are his passion and enthusiasm for working out and challenging you to get the best results possible. I like being pushed to limits I have never been pushed to before, and in doing so with Nick, I am stronger than ever. I look and feel better, and my overall quality of life is better. Thanks Nick!

  -- Nicky Boecker, Aurora, IL.
 Nick’s understanding of structural integrity, compensatory movements, corrective exercise training and performance enhancement training is extensive and impressive.”
  -- Dr. Thomas P. Sattler 
University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate Coordinator of the Applied Exercise Physiology Program/ Chicago Blackhawks Professional Hockey Team Conditioning and Training Coordinator (1982-1988 )
 “I have been training with Nick for 3 1/2 years and I plan to continue training with him for many reasons. His knowledge of exercise and how it relates to age and lifestyle has kept me from injury. His use of balance and form with weight training was educational for me because I didn't realize I was losing the balance I had when I was younger until he challenged it and helped me to regain it. He brought new equipment, new ways to train that make it fun for me. We rarely repeat the same exercise in the same month. I feel stronger today than I ever have, and might go so far as to suggest that at the age of nearly 48, I am the envy of at least one or two friends.”
  -- Deborah Barry R.N., Naperville, IL.
 “My son is a competitive wrestler where strength and balance are imperative. Over the past year Nick has successfully doubled my son’s strength and greatly improved his balance. This was accomplished with persistent hard work and an awareness of the sport’s requirements. Nick has gone the distance for my son and I would highly recommend him to train your son or daughter.”
  -- Todd Hudson, Naperville, IL.
 Nick always took the time to make sure I understood the what, why, and how of each exercise. It wasn't a particular exercise for the sake of exercise. He made sure I understood how everything in the body worked together. This has made it easier for me to develop a routine that I can do on my own and with proper form. If you're looking for a trainer to help you get started on the right track, refresh your knowledge and skills, or stay going, I strongly recommend Nick. He truly helped me change my life!”
  -- Rich Lynch, Naperville, IL.
Elaine Elaine
 “Training with Elaine has been EXCELLENT! She is knowledgeable, spirited, and cares. Elaine's work ethic sets her apart from other trainers in the industry. She is a goal oriented person first and foremost, excellent skills and knowledgeable. She has taught me what physically I need to do to progress.”
  -- Tom P., Schaumburg, IL, Lawyer
 “[My training experience with Elaine has been] in one word,flexible. Elaine worked our schedule around my schedule. If I was going to committo a real, sound exercise and nutrition program with a personal trainer, it wouldhave to be able to fit into my life's busy personal, work, and volunteer schedule. Elaine made this happen.

This program is an INVESTMENT in my life and Elaine is my"fitness" WEALTH advisor. Elaine is VERY non-judgmental. She is easy to talk to,listens to what you have to say, and makes you feel comfortable working out withher, no matter what level you're at. I am a beginner and I don't feel intimidated.

Elaine treats you on a very individual basis and doesn't try to fit you in apre-designed program. She builds a program just for you that is do-able, yetchallenging. Elaine's knowledge on NUTRITION is TERRIFIC. I thought I knew a lotabout food and nutrition, but Elaine taught me much more.

The biggest thing Ilearned about myself is that it's never too late to start a full nutrition andexercise program. At 53, I thought by losing weight, my skin would be loose, butwith the proper nutrition, vitamins and exercise, that's not happening. I'm gettinginto shape, looking better EVERY WEEK and feeling better EVERY DAY! Thanks,Elaine!”
  -- Jan S., Schaumburg, IL
 “Working with Elaine has taught me to appreciate the wealth that comes along with good health. After 12 short weeks of working with Elaine, I have managed to cut $300 out of my monthly budget because I no longer need to purchase diabetic medical supplies. My doctor is thrilled with the improvement in my blood values, along with my lower blood pressure. Having good health is truly your only WEALTH!”
  -- Joe M., Schaumburg, IL
 “Wow! I can not imagine where my life would be without Elaine init. She has become my guide through an unhappy work situation, a joy to be around,and a never-ending wealth of encouragement, happiness and light!

When I first metElaine, I dreaded physical activity. Somehow by working with Elaine, I now actuallyenjoy sweating! Elaine has enlightened me on the power of having a healthy diet,and the power of the human mind. She practices what she preaches, and neverquits-on ANYONE! I have trained on and off with Elaine for 2 years, and every timeI come back it reminds me what I have been missing in my life. I look forward toevery visit with Elaine.

I have gained not only a role model of health and fitness,I have gained a confidant and friend. Thank you Elaine for every encouraging wordand giving me the strength to change my life! If it weren't for you, I would not understand and appreciate the great health I now have! Thank you! ”
  -- Claudine N., Streamwood, IL
Tony Tony
 “I just came back from a road-trip across the country, before Tony started to work with me I would not have been able to sit in the car for more than an hour. I have had severe sciatic pain both before and after 2 back surgeries, 10 years after those surgeries I started working w/Tony and to this day I have no sciatic pain. I am also working on my feet again… Tony’s exercises have worked better for me than surgery, pain clinics, drugs, physical therapy, biofeedback, the list goes on….”
  -- Lisa B.
 “I don't know how you (Tony) don't have M.D. after your name. I feel amazingly better after no results from (previous) physical therapy. I want you to use MAT before my next race.”
  -- Anthony E.
 Tony, A big thanks for your superior training… For the first time ever I earned enough points from the Chicago district golf association to be selected to the Radix Cup Team. I have also earned a spot on the Illinois Great Lakes Amateur Team. I attribute a lot of my recent success to your hard work, dedication, and knowledge in your techniques.”
  -- Andy G., Amateur Golf Competitor.
Dave Dave
 “When we joined Cardinal Fitness, my husband and I were out of shape! Since we are in our sixties, we knew we needed to develop more strength and flexibility to keep us in good health in the future. One of the first days we were there we were trying to figure out how some of the machines worked, and Dave took us around and showed us how to use each of them. We were really impressed with his knowledge and his manner, and when we discovered that he was a personal trainer, we decided to try out some sessions to see if it would be helpful. He's been great, and his fees are well worth the cost. The work he does with us is perfect for our condition, and woks us thoroughly without getting us too tired or sore. He seems to be able to recognize exactly what we need. I've also watched him working with other clients and been impressed with how well he tailors his lessons to each person's needs, no matter what their age or condition. Our training sessions have been really valuable for us and we plan to continue them.”
  -- Gary and Kathie Noll
 “I have been working out with Dave for 3 1/2 months and the results are amazing!  I've lost 5 inches from my hips, 2 inches from my waist, 3/4 of inch from my calves, and more!  Dave is a lot of fun to train with- he certainly makes me work hard but doesn't ask more than what I'm capable of doing!”
  -- Jacki Premak, West Chicago, IL
 Dave does a great job of making exercise fun. He mixes up different ways to work the same areas. One never knows what he will think of next. He has a great sense of humor and makes the session fly by. He is dedicated to your well being and always makes sure that you are feeling ok. I would highly recommend Dave to get you motivated.”
  -- Pat D' Andrea
 “My physical condition was poor at best due to lifestyle.  After 2 months I had lost 10 inches from my waist.  The best part was not the inches but the energy level & the flexibility I gained.  Before working with Dave I had trouble getting down on the floor with my great grand-daughter or lifting her up but now I can keep up with her & even wear out my grandchildren.”
  -- Anne Allen
Cheryl Cheryl
 “Throught the years I have always exercised in some manner shape or form be it fitness clubs or park district programs I have never accomplished the goals I wanted. Since working with Cheryl for the past 6 months I have noticed an increase in energy level, increase in my endurance and am now experiencing a restful nights sleep.

Cheryl has helped make numeroussuggestionswith diet and proper eating habits. She has always been extremely flexiblewithscheduling and has never missed a scheduled training session.

She graduallyincreases limits and never pushes to an uncomfortable level. I wish Icould keepher forever! Having a personal trainer is a the best decision I made for myselfandhaving someone like Cheryl makes it fun even though it is hard work.”
  -- Linda Pavlik, Palatine
 Cheryl's training has had a big effect on both the physical condition of my wife and myself as well as our energy levels. Before Cheryl, we tried to exercise but her involvement has had a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of our workouts as well as our motivation. The difference is night and day.”
Vigas Vigas
 “I have been training with Vigas for a couple of weeks now, and heis truly motivating. I am pushing myself to work hard yet I don't feellike it'stoo much.

He is patient and truly cares that you are doing the right exercises, theright way.

Definately a great trainer, would reccommend him.”
  -- Matt
Linda Linda
 “"I am writing this letter to talk about my experience with Linda.

I am not even sure how it happened. I worked a desk job and I worked a lot of hours, I ate late at night I used food as a reward. I got no exercise. I was becoming hopelessly overweight. I knew I had to do something or soon I was going to become 300 pounds and well on my way to a heart attack.

I got the great idea that I could get some exercise walking around the neighborhood during lunch hour. It seemed like a good idea, but I still didn’t know the foods to avoid or how to focus into a real exercise program that could last for a lifetime, not just until I gave up like I usually would have done.

Then I met Linda last April. We worked on a healthy reasonable food plan. We talked about foods to avoid or just taste and not make a meal over. We worked on a strength and conditioning program. Every week there was a weigh in and I was accountable for what I did or did not do each week. It worked. I did not lose weight every week, but I lost weight most weeks. I have lost over 60 pounds to date, my blood pressure is great, my blood glucose levels are fine. I am stronger and just feel better than I have in years. I even added 40 yards back onto my driver in golf. My family went on a family vacation to Jamaica and we went to Duns River Falls. I was literally able to bound up the falls. No way I could have done that six months earlier.

Linda has helped my keep the faith and not give up or settle for just a temporary short-term weight loss. I have not completed my goals, but I am still working on them and I can actually see and end in sight. I think that anyone who was in my circumstances really needs a good coach, someone that they can trust, and someone who will listen and make a program that can work for each individual’s physical condition and needs. Linda has been great for me, and if you give her the chance, she can be great for you."


  -- Doug R
 ““It’s been a little less than a year since I decided to take a proactive part in the healing of years of pain caused by lumbar scoliosis. I had no idea that improvement was even possible until I met Linda . The scoliosis was causing severe hip and SI joint pain, and nerve pain in my legs.

Not a particularly physical person for most of my life, it hasn’t been easy but Linda’s patience and knowledge has helped me eliminate 80-90% of the scoliosis-related pain. In addition to strength training, I now have the tools I need through stretching exercises that give me relief when needed. AND, an added plus, she introduced me to a supplement that has absolutely eliminated all the pain in my knees and elbows and it happened in less than a week!

I know from personal experience that it’s never too late to begin a journey to a better quality of life and having the right personal trainer (Linda) is making that journey a reality for me.”
-Nancy S.

  -- Nancy S
 “"I have been working with Linda for twelve weeks. In the beginning, I was assessed by her to find any muscle imbalances and metabolic typed to correct my nutrition. She then wrote out a stretching and rehab strength program for the first six weeks. In those six weeks I saw results such as feeling more flexible, stronger core, and my weaker left side getting stronger. I had a total weight loss of 7 lbs. After the six weeks, Linda re-assessed me and found great improvement. She again designed a new stretching, strength, and cardio program. At the end of the twelve weeks, I lost another 9 lbs., had noticeable improvement on my weak side, flatter stronger abs and can now fit in my smaller sized clothes. I am 36 years old and a mother of two kids. Before I started with Linda, I was gaining weight, lethargic and losing hope of ever getting back in shape. I am so thankful and blessed to have Linda in my life. She is so knowledgeable in all the components of whole health."
-Patty L.

  -- Patty L
Tony Tony
 “In a nutshell: Tony sets the gold standard for personal training. He's a nationally-recognized trainer who helps manage clients' overall health and fitness. Tony builds personal training programs that are engaging, fun and get results fast. He's the absolute best.”
  -- Roni Moore
Steve Steve
 “I found Steve on the recommendation of a friend who Steve had worked with strengthening him up for golf. I was getting fat and having back pain. Things were so bad that I couldn't even play 18 holes of golf without having to take the next day off. Steve started me on a program of doing light cardio and a series of stretching and strengthening exercises. The difference this made was incredible and almost immediate. I was able to play pain free, sleep through the night and lost 18 pounds (as a bonus I added about ten yards to my tee shot!) I have seen Steve work with many clients and I am always impressed by his professionalism, enthusiasm and skill. He is as comfortable working with competitive athletes as he is working with moms and grand-moms and their level of satisfaction is obvious. Highly recommended!


  -- Russ N, Kildeer, IL
 “Steven has worked with my 14 year old son and I for about 1 year. The progress we have made has been unbelievable! My son has turned his once boyish body into a muscular frame that is ready for football this fall. His bench press, squats and 40 yard dash time have all improved significantly and he has become more motivated about exercise and nutrition. I started with Steven doing Pilates and then moved on to traditional personal training. I have lost over 20 pounds and I have had to go back to wearing my "skinny" clothes. I am really excited about the way I look again and I thank him for that. I recommend Steven to anyone looking for a great trainer.

  -- Stephanie B, Lake Zurich, IL
 “When I first met Steven, I didn’t really know what a personal trainer had to offer me. I didn’t exercise much and even disliked the thought of going into the gym. In a short time Steven changed all of that and I actually started looking forward to exercising for the first time in my life. I lost forty pounds during the first summer we worked together and Steven and I have trained regularly for over a year and a half since. I know that I probably wouldn’t even be exercising without him, and I can’t imagine what things would be like without his support and instruction. He is motivated, personable and fun to train with. He keeps me on task without being overbearing and knows just how hard to push me. I recommend him highly to anyone, but especially those that are considering a trainer for the first time.

  -- Shari L, Hawthorne Woods, IL
Jeff Jeff
 “Jeff has created the perfect environment! I love the studio's tropical feel and the equipment is first rate. It allows me to workout and relax at the same time. It is exactly what I need to look and feel my best. ”
  -- Jennifer M. Downers Grove
 “I enjoy Jeff's personalized approached. He emails me during the week to see how I'm doing and when I train with him, he already has a program laid out for me that focuses on my needs. I'm losing weight and relieving stress. I especially like the fact that I can pop into his facility when it fits my schedule. No worries about making it on time or cancelling. ”
  -- Howard S. Hinsdale, IL
 “I have been with Jeff for a little over six months and have lost 40lbs. He has introduced me to alternative ways to build muscle and aerobics that I never considered before. I came from a free weight and jog school of thought and now I use rubber bands and medicine balls. This has definitely had an effect on my joints and I'm encouraged by the results. Jeff also emails me to follow up on my progress and to provide encouragement on my educational program. I find this to be good for me in keeping my interest up. He also has a nice facility that doesn't stink like most health clubs and is quite calming. My recommendation is to anyone looking for a genuine personal trainer should take advantage of his skills.”
  -- Mike B. Downers Grove, IL.
Andrew Andrew
 “I expect a lot from my trainer. I want to know why I m doing a particular exercise, what is its purpose (what muscles/muscle groups), and how to do it correctly.

Andrew has answered every question I asked him with very thoughtful and precise explanations in words that I can understand and concepts that I can retain.

I am convinced, after having worked with Andrew for the past 4 years, that he can design an effective exercise program for ANYONE, from the novice who made a New Year s resolution to get more fit to the pregnant woman, to the elite athlete. ”
  -- Martha H.
Karen Karen
 Karen will forever be a part of my life, and I don’t just mean a ‘small’ part of my life.”
  -- Lois Sadowski
 “I know Karen is responsible for giving me the education I continually need on ‘how to’, and with her motivation and knowledge my workouts ‘get it accomplished’. I love my workouts now and forever.”
  -- Diane Russell
Ron Ron
 “I began working with Ron 4 months ago and without a doubt it’s been one of the best decisions I ever made. I tried to lose weight on my own and with another trainer but I did not succeed. Ron tailored an approach to fit my needs. At first our workouts seemed a bit unusual to me as they were geared more toward development of larger muscle groups as opposed to traditional cardio workouts. Over time Ron incorporated cardio work as well. Ron also provides nutritional / dietary guidelines. The combination of these approaches increased my metabolic rate and turned the tide for me. I have lost 6 inches off my waist and the results have greatly exceeded my expectations. I am more motivated now than ever as I’ve learned how to improve my health and appearance without having to starve myself. Ron was fun and supportive every step of the way and the workouts are held in a private facility. He cracked the code I have been struggling with for years.”
  -- Mike Hughes, Chicago, IL.
 “Voted BEST Personal Trainer in Chicago by Cityseach 2007-2008.”
  -- Chicago Citysearch
 “In 6 months - 42 lb weight loss, 6 inches gone from my waist, more flexible,(I can touch me toes without bending my knees), much stronger, more no back pain and I can play and keep up with my kids. What more can I say except
  -- Tom G. Chicago, IL.
 “Ron saved my life or at least, help save it. A few months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. My doctors told me if the chemo did not shrink the tumors, I would need surgery. I contacted Ron to help me get stronger and improve the quality of my life and help prepare my body for surgery. Even with being on chemo, I worked out with Ron. He was very knowledgeable about working out with someone on chemo. After 7 hours of surgery and recovery in the hospital, I came home feeling stronger and better than I ever thought I would and I credit Ron and the work he did with me. If it wasn't for him, I'm not sure if I would have made it through the surgery.”
  -- Dan M. Chicago, IL
 “I recently had the opportunity to start working out with Ron. It was exactly what my body needed to get out of my fitness plateau! He incorporates everyday moves into a well-designed circuit. The workout sessions are challenging, but fun. I left feeling newly motivated and energized. Ron is upbeat and positive, making sure I am getting the most out of the workout.He is also very results driven, making sure I am reaching my goals. Training has never been this much fun! Ron is knowledgeable and has a sense of humor - a real bonus! He seems to love his work and does it so well.”
  -- Linda S. Chicago, IL
 “Ron worked with my 12-year-old son on speed and agility training and the results were outstanding, plus he is great working with kids. My son loved it and always looked forward to his training sessions. Last year my son had little or no speed when playing baseball. It seemed like his legs would move but he would get nowhere. After working with Ron on speed training, he really improved his speed. He is now stealing bases, has the speed to tag up on a fly ball, and now turns singles into doubles. If you are looking to improve our speed and agility, I would definitely recommend Ron.”
  -- Bill M. Chicago, IL
 “Ron's Fun Fit Moves is a great way to get in shape. The pace and variety of movements makes exercising this way effective and fun. When was the last time you could say that about a workout...and it is a workout. You do some cardio and toning, plus the all important core strengthening. I am reaching my goals and getting results, I've lost 32 lbs. in 14 weeks. I would recommend Ron as a trainer to anyone looking to loss weight, improve their fitness and performance”
  -- Kathy M. Chicago, IL
 “Ron’s style of training is the best I have experienced and I’ve use a lot of different trainers. I really enjoy his workouts. He concentrates on core training and functional training and movement basic in everyday life. My weight is under control, my flexibility and balance is so much better than it use to be, (due to what Ron calls Movement Preparation). And my strength and cardio fitness are the best they have been since I played college football. He is a great motivator and the best trainer I ever had, hands down.”
  -- James M. Park Ridge , IL
 “What impressed me most about Ron was his knowledge and passion toward fitness. Not only does he explain how to do each exercise, but explains what muscle groups and functional movements we are working on and why. Since starting to workout with Ron, everything has improved, my strength, power, aerobic capacity, flexibility and my waist is 2 înches smaller. My lower back pain is gone and I can now lift my one-year-old child without any pain in my back. Working with Ron has also greatly improved my core strength and functional movements. Most of all, he makes working out FUN! I never worked out before I started with Ron. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get in shape and use a personal trainer.”
  -- Jasmine R. Chicago, IL
 “My experience working out with Ron has been great. He is a great motivator and extremely knowledgeable about fitness and movement. I went to him to get in shape for a ski trip and not only did I get in shape, but my skiing improved greatly because not only does Ron work with you on getting more fit, but he treated me like an athlete, working on sports performance training for my ski trip. He helped strengthen my core and worked on flexibility and stability while helping me lose some weight and gain strength and increase my lean muscle mass.The workouts were challenging, but FUN and he is highly motivating. If you are looking to become more fit, and perform better in a sport or just in the life, then I highly recommend Ron.”
  -- Cathy G., Chicago, IL.
 “My name is Chris S. and I am currently a professional pitcher in the Minnesota Twins Organization. Recently I contacted Ron regarding his strength training and workout program. Like many professional athletes my full time job is to work out and to take care of my body. That being said I am always looking for new ways to help me achieve my peak level of performance. In order to perform at the professional level in any sport there is an extreme focus on strength and speed, but most importantly efficiency. The exercises I learned and focused on while working out helped me achieve greater stability and body awareness. By focusing on working out “core” muscles and opposing muscle groups my flexibility, balance, and power all increased dramatically. Ron is very knowledgeable about relating strength training to specific sports and activities and in the short time I have been working out, I have noticed significant gains in my pitching performance. The most important thing I have taken from Ron over the course of my workouts is the idea that it is not just how hard you train but also how smart you train. You must work towards building strength in your core while helping your body’s individual muscles to work together. As athletes our goal should be to become as powerful as possible while still maintaining flexibility and stability. This idea of efficiency and core strength is on the cutting edge in all professional sports and should be used by any athlete looking to take their performance to the next level. Ron is truly a great teacher, motivator, and person. His teachings have helped me in my quest toward peak performance and I know that they will for you too!”
  -- Chris S. Chicago, Il.
Michel Michel
 “Michel trained me through my last pregnancy, while I worked full-time and cared for two children under the age of three. Week after week, I challenged Michel to accommodate my schedule, which in itself was a feat of greatness. She never once complained, but continually worked with me to manage our weekly sessions and ensure we both stayed focused on a healthy pregnancy. I endured back pain after my first two deliveries and experienced pain during the beginning months of our training together. We wanted to manage the pain, strengthen my core and increase my overall endurance so that I would have a relatively easy delivery and feel good following the birth of our baby.

Michel truly cares for her clients and has an inherent ability to customize exercise regimens based on the specific needs of each individual. She's diligent in her on-going research, cares immensely about her clients and truly wants everyone to realize their full potential, whatever their goal may be. I can't tell you how many times she shared stories of other clients reaching goals under her watch. You can see the pride and excitement in her eyes.

Michel never once shorted me on an hour of her time. In fact in most cases she stayed longer than she should have, always going the extra mile. She provided (and still does), weekly correspondence with agendas for the upcoming week, group activities, diet and exercise tips. I'm happy to report my labor was a breeze and I have not had any of the back pain I suffered following the births of my first two children.

If you are looking for a dedicated individual to provide natural solutions for exercise and diet coupled with optimal client service, then you have landed in the most capable of hands.

  -- Amy
 “Please consider this to be my complete and total recommendation of Michel. I have been individually training with Michel for several years (both at Lifetime Fitness and thereafter in my home). She is very dedicated to her craft and incredibly skillful.

Additionally, for the last 2 years, Michel has also trained all 3 of my children as well as the entire Lincoln-Way East High School Marching band. The band directors and parents believe that Michel's strength training and cardio training played a significant role in the band winning first place in the state of Illinois marching band competition last year. --Barbara

  -- Barbara
 “I have been with Michel for just over a year now and have been more then pleased and impressed.

She helped me get through my second marathon last year, amongst numerous other goals. Not only has she taught me about physical improvements, but emotional and mental as well. I would highly recommend Michel.

  -- Brenda
 “I have been working with Michel for almost 2 years now and have had the privilege of knowing her even longer as she began working with my husband a year or two before that when she was a trainer at LifeTime Fitness.

My reason for starting to work with Michel is that I wanted to run a marathon and knew she was a marathon runner. She has now trained me through 2 marathons and likely a 3rd this year with hopes of helping me qualify for Boston.

I have never met anyone like Michel. She has more energy that anyone I have every met and such a positive attitude. She is a very motivational trainer and pushes you but never beyond your limits. She is a stickler about technique and is highly educated about personal training. She definitely knows her stuff about the functionality of the human body. She has been able to diagnose problems that I have encountered along the way and provides counter exercises to work through the issue to make sure that your body heals rather than continuing to provoke the same injury. She is constantly researching new exercises and sharing articles about health, wellness, etc. with her clients. She loves her job and is evident by all her hard work and dedication.

The other thing I have appreciated about Michel is her flexibility. She can make time for you almost any time of the day and is able to change occasionally to adapt to your schedule as needed.

I know Michel's goal is to inspire and motivate others to change their lives for the good and she has definitely done that for me and can promise you she will do the same for you if you are willing to try. Even though I have exercised all my life and have been conscious about my health and body, I am definitely in the best shape I have ever been thanks to the help of Michel.”
  -- Erika
David H. David H.
 “Training with David not only helped me get in healthier shape but also boosted my confidence. In a span of 6 months working with David I was able to gain around 30 pounds of weight. I went from 125 to around 155 by weight training and techniques David taught me.”
  -- Raphael Y. Chicago, IL
 “I had been telling myself for a while I was not happy with how I looked, and this would be the year I would change that. Year after year passed until I realized I was not doing it by myself. After meeting with David and discussing possible training options, I realized he was the kind of push I needed to keep me going, to keep me devoted to what I had always wanted. With a training plan catered to me, unlike the cookie-cutter plans at many gyms, David helped me see results rather quickly. The focus and determination he has during training sessions helps you along even on days when you are feeling less than energetic. Having a trainer who wants you to succeed, just as much as you do, really helps you mentally when you begin to be tested at new physical heights. Training is a dedication that includes many different parts of your life and David takes all of them into consideration, helping you become truly what you want to be.”
  -- Zack K Chicago, IL
 “I sought three things when I went to find a personal trainer: someone who would push me, someone who would train me in ways I couldn’t find in the latest issue of Men’s Health and someone who could be flexible. David is all those things and then some. I have become healthier and stronger as result of my workouts with David. He comes to me and works within my busy schedule. When I am traveling he gives me workouts I can do on the road. He even offers diet suggestions to help me achieve my maximum performance.

In short, the best thing I can say about David is, when it comes to my fitness goals, he is my partner.”
  -- Carlos B Chicago, IL
 “I have had the best training with David. His workouts focus on every part of the body. In a fast 45 minutes, you will have worked every muscle from your arms and stomach to your legs and calves. I look forward to my session once a week, knowing I will get a great and full body workout. I have learned so many new workouts I can do on my own and even in my home. I have never been as happy as I am today with my body. The compliments I have received since starting with David have been endless. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for a challenging, fast paced and ever changing workout.”
  -- Christine D Chicago, IL
Andrew Andrew
I feel I have gotten stronger. Since, having a hypothyroid, I know its difficult to lose weight and change my body composition, but that wouldn't prevent me from being dedicated to my goals of strength building exercises. Andy has enabled me to meet my goals of increasing full
body strength. In a perfect world, I wouldn't be fighting against my body with a sluggish thyroid. Thanks Andy for helping me reach a new potential.

  -- Candi Joniak
“Most definitely -- my experience has been very positive. I'm certainly not a "veteran" client, but I've worked with trainers now in both the Health Track setting and in the private setting and much prefer the personal attention and focus that private training affords. Also, I like the partner training in that I need the motivation of the other person who is counting on me to be there and it eases the cost of the training sessions.
Andy is very knowledgeable about both fitness training and nutrition and is qualified to assist with both.”

  -- Liz Stout
“Andy is a unique personal trainer as he not only trains in strength, but also in stability. His workouts are designed to make sure you are training properly so you get the most out of your time. He creates a personal workout routine that is doable and sees results quickly. I have hired many personal trainers in the past, and Andy is by far the best.”

  -- Diane Mc Ginley
I have been working with Andy 2 times/week for one half hour since Oct 2007. We work on strength and endurance. I am definitely stronger and fitter; unfortunately, the super model physicque has eluded me!
Most valuable to me, Andy is a master at diagnosing my aches and pains (I betray my age!) and prescribing a plan to counter balance whatever havoc I wreak with my body. Andy is extremely professional and has a wonderful ability to create a plan for each individual he sees. I recommend Andy highly to everyone I know!

  -- Cairy Brown
 “I worked with KG while training for professional football camp. His experience in playing collegiate football was a plus because he knew the effort needed to work out hard.”
  -- John F. Former pro football player, age 28, Chicago, IL
 “KG and I have been working out since January 7, 2008. The sessions with KG are physically demanding, but I've seen dramatic results within just a short period of four weeks. At the time we began working out, I told him that my
target weight was 185; I'm happy to report today, four weeks later, that I'm half way to my target weight. Not only am I satisfied with my physical progress thus far, but also with the professionalism that KG possesses with me as a client.”
  -- Dr. J. Brent Hanchey, Science Program Chairperson & ISTA Chicago Area Director, Chicago, IL
Marissa Marissa
 “I have been working with Marissa for six months now two days/ week. She has provided nutritional counseling, personalized strength and cardio routines, and positive reinforcement. So far I have lost twenty pounds, and have more energy, increased strength and flexibility, and healthier eating habits. Marissa always provides positive comments regarding my food diary, exercise completed and the daily challenges of life. She is very knowledgeable and always offering tips for a healthy lifestyle.
Marissa is the best personal trainer I have worked with. Her approach is to treat all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, not just exercise. To date, I have lost twenty pounds, 8 inches, and have improved energy and strength. She is a positive person who offers helpful hints regarding nutrition and overall health. She has helped me work through and with some physical limitations that always caused me to have apprehension about exercise. She has helped me to set and attain goals that I thought were not possible. She is wonderful to work with!! ”
  -- Jen Sleepy Hollow, IL
 “I have been working with Marissa 2 times/week for seven months. This frequency was needed to get me focused, disciplined and aware of the benefits of routine exercise and the creation of healthier eating habits. I wanted to focus on strength training and weight loss and Marissa also provided me with suggestions on healthier eating options. I not only lost twenty pounds, I have gained strength all over. I feel fit and lean. I have learned some great eating habits without feeling hungry throughout my program. I feel that Marissa has guided me towards a healthier lifestyle and for that I am grateful. What I liked about each session was Marissa's style. I was very apprehensive to take the first step in a hiring a personal trainer. I did not want a Jillian Michaels type. It would not have been in my best interest. Rather, I feel that my success is DIRECTLY a result of the personal style of Marissa. She is sincere, dedicated to wellness, and very much interested in my personal lifestyle and its impact on my ability to be fit and healthy. Each session was filled with positive reinforcement, suggestions on how to stay on track, healthy food tips and variety. I was very surprised that each week there was something new to try in terms of fitness. After each session, I was provided a guide to a workout that I could accomplish on my own.
Because of Marissa, I have reached my goal and have established a new goal for 2011. I feel that Marissa is a part of my life and while I feel like I can accomplish my next goal on my own, I know that Marissa is a phone call away to keep me on track.
Anyone who wants to feel youthful, energetic, and excited about how great you can feel when you are fit you should definitely reach out to Marissa. Thank you Marissa, from the bottom of my heart. 2010 has been the best year ever for me. I feel confident that I will not revert back to my old ways again, but know that I can enjoy the sweet treats and still remain fit. ”
  -- Cathy, Bloomingdale, IL
 “I have been working out with Marissa two times/week for almost one year with the focus of cardio, strength training, dietary education, and overall health education. I have benefited from weight loss and inches lost, improved physical fitness and stamina, overall mental well being, increased energy, more informed about diet and exercise, and better overall health. I love that I do not have to plan out what exercise I need to do. I come prepared to work and Marissa totally takes care of what we will be doing. However, Marissa is always open and flexible to my input on what I want to do during our next session. Marissa always keeps our sessions varied and continually adds on new types of exercises to keep things new and interesting. Marissa makes the sessions fun and pushes me beyond what I think I am capable of, but never coaches from a model of "no pain, no gain." Marissa is also very supportive and encouraging. Marissa has been the impetus to get me back on track to a healthy and active life. She has been so supportive and informative over this past year. She has also armed me with the appropriate tools and information to exercise on my own. I could not have asked for a better partner in getting physically, and mentally fit. ”
  -- Melissa, Lombard, IL
 “I have been working out with Marissa for about 9 months, 1-2 times/week working on cardio, strength training, and nutrition. I have lost ten pounds, increased my energy, reduced my stress, improved my diet, increased my HDLs by 20 points, and am up to running three miles. Marissa is non judgmental, encouraging, makes me want to be successful, sets short and long term goals, works with you to achieve them, and also accommodates busy schedules. ”
  -- Lisa, Elmhurst, IL
 “Marissa is an excellent fitness instructor. I have been working with her twice a week for the last four months. She provides nutritional guidance, aerobic exercise, strength training, and relaxation techniques. She is very enthusiastic about her work resulting in highly motivated clients. She caters her fitness regime to the needs of the client. Having some physical restraints that Marissa has taken into consideration, she has still provided me with a great workout that has me successfully losing ten pounds and feeling considerably more healthy and fit. I am also able to do my daily activities with less discomfort. She has also incorporated nutritional health and stress reduction into my program which has helped my personal goals immensly. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their physical as well as mental well-being. ”
  -- Susan, Naperville, IL

I’ve been working with Marissa for 10 months about two times per week on a regular basis. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 months. On one hand I feel like I’ve known her for much longer but on the other hand I’ve never been bored with our workouts. Her definition of personal training extends beyond the typical workouts. We do cardio, weights, bands, BOSU, stretching and relaxation exercises. I work out with Marissa two times/week but she also educates me on nutrition and motivates me to make healthy choices, sends me emails or texts of encouragement throughout the week, checks in to see how I did on a long run and gives me great articles ranging from informative to humorous. I recently decided to run a half marathon and she’s also helping me with that training while complementing it with strength training and stretching. Even though I’m a 30-something mom, after 10 months with Marissa I’m in the best shape and health of my life. I honestly attribute this to not only the consistency of working out with Marissa and our varied routines but also the encouragement, motivation and inspiration for a healthy life she’s provided for me. It’s not just about the sessions—I love my workouts with Marissa but also love her presence in my life. She is a gentle but effective trainer who has motivated me to be healthy—inside and out, physically and mentally. I’m always happy to see her in the morning, like our varied routines and always feel great afterwards. Marissa is a wonderful trainer and a joy to have in my life. I’ve had many trainers and I’m so lucky to have found her. She has encouraged me and motivated me to embrace a healthy lifestyle that has helped me not only drop 10 pounds but also feel great. She’s never judgmental and even when I feel like I’ve fallen off track she offers kind words and great tips to get right back on. I love that she offers the whole package—fitness training, nutrition advice and inspiration—and hope to be with her for many more healthy years to come!

  -- Kristin, Elmhurst, IL
 “Marissa is always professional and enthusiastic! She has helped motivate me to exercise effectively with aerobic activity, stretching, and weight training. Marissa's nutrition knowledge is also key in developing a total "get fit" program. ”
  -- Patti T., Elmhurst, IL

I have been working with Marissa on strength training 1-2 times/week for about a year. I feel that I am more fit and more toned, and I have lost weight and decreased body fat percentage. I have a better attitude about exercise and am more aware of healthy eating. The hour whizzes by with Marissa’s upbeat personality and engaging style, making the exercise session fun and informative.

  -- Patti W., Western Springs, IL
We have been working with Marissa three times a week for 15 months. We have experienced improvements in our overall fitness, flexibility, and energy levels, along with weight loss and overall sense of well-being. Marissa is very knowledgeable about human anatomy, and the best ways to train bodies of all ages. She exudes graciousness and respect while still driving consistency and work ethic. She is vigilant regarding our mental and physical condition, avoiding injury and unnecessary discomfort. She is fair in her dealings and above all FUN! She is clearly up to date as she often will bring us reading materials to keep us current as well. We absolutely recommend Marissa to others who want to achieve a healthier body. She effectively uses knowledge, discipline, and friendly teaching style to help us reach our goals.

  -- Nick & Carloyn Pann, Lagrange, IL
 “I have been working with Marissa since February 2008, and have enjoyed every minute of it! Having previously worked with another trainer, Marissa rises far above. She sets easily obtainable goals, is patient, and takes time to
listen. She possesses expert training skills as evidenced by her long- term professional affiliations. Her undergraduate and master's degrees in nutrition add to her all around value as a trainer. Not only a "work-out" coach, Marissa is truly an all-around "life coach," taking into consideration her client's age, physical condition, medical issues, etc.,
to formulate a workable plan (training and nutrition) for all-around good health. She is a delight to work with!

  -- Caryl A., Downers Grove, IL
Hristo Hristo
 “Working out with Hristo has been exactly what I needed to jump-start my weight loss and begin feeling healthier. In addition to the instruction in the exercises, the information that he has given to supplement the workouts has been key in helping me to start reaching my goals. I have learned so much about how fitness and nutrition can affect my well-being and have made many positive lifestyle changes as a result

  -- Shana, Batavia, Il

I look forward to my Boot Camp Work Outs with Hristo. He is such a good motivator and I always leave feeling that I have really worked hard! Each session is different and I love the challenges."

Thanks for the workouts I really enjoy them!- Pam, Batavia

  -- Pam, Batavia, Il
 “I began training with Hristo in April, 2007. I had fallen off the exercise wagon, I wasn’t eating well and the pounds/fat had started to creep up I felt I needed a “boost” to get back on track and a plan to help me achieve my goal of losing weight for a beach vacation that was coming up later that summer. After our first meeting Hristo assured me that if I followed his plan I would be able to reach my goal.
Hristo wasted no time getting me back on track. He developed a variety of workouts for me that kept our sessions fresh and interesting. He constantly challenged me and made me work harder than I thought I could, making sure I performed all my exercises correctly. He did all of this with a positive attitude and a sense of humor.
In addition to giving me a great workout, Hristo provided a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition. He offered suggestions and tips during our workouts, while holding me accountable for what I ate and how I exercised that week. I also enjoyed the weekly health and fitness newsletter that he provides his clients which offers encouragement and practical ways to diet and stay fit.
I definitely received the results I wanted from working with Hristo. He helped me achieve my goal and I’ve lost 17 pounds of fat, and built muscle! I am stronger and more fit than I have been in a long time. He also helped me make a real lifestyle change. My diet is healthier, I really enjoy working out and it is part of my daily routine. Thanks Hristo!
Geneva, IL

  -- Eileen, Geneva
 “April 23, 2008

To whom it may concern:

I began training with Hristo last January of 2007. I had a 30 year class reunion coming up for the summer and wanted to shed a few pounds of fat, as well as tone up, and build some muscle tone. I had asked for a trainer that would push me as hard as possible to maximize my results. Having never had a personal trainer before, I did not really know what I was in for.

Upon meeting Hristo – I knew it would be a rewarding experience. He was great at asking questions about my lifestyle, diet, and goals workout program. We immediately established goals for my training. We set goals, not only for my personal training sessions, but also for eating, nutrition, and cardio workouts outside of my sessions with Hristo. He also outlined worksheets for me, if I wanted to do the workouts in addition to my training sessions.

Hristo is extremely knowledgeable about fitness training. He knew exactly what type of training to do each session to meet my personal goals. After my first two weeks, I had dropped 10 pounds of fat and many inches. Hristo is very motivating and also a lot of fun. It can be very tough and draining, but you know you are getting the results. He makes you want to succeed!!

By the end of my 30 training sessions, I have had 25 pounds of fat loss and numerous inches. My arms and legs were much more toned. Best of all – I felt great about myself. I highly recommend Hristo for Personal Training. ”
  -- Pamela, Geneva, Il.
 “I have known Hristo for over 2 years. He has been my personal trainer and coach for the better part of those years. Over the course of that time, Hristo has taught me about nutrition, setting “realistic” goals, being positive in the face of plateaus and working hard to become a stronger, healthier individual. There have been times in my life when I felt that eating healthy and working out were just not that important. I always put my children and job first. After meeting Hristo and working with him on my goals, he made me realize that giving time for my personal well-being and exercise was really an investment in being a stronger, healthier and better person. I no longer feel guilty about working out and taking time for myself, because at the end of the day the benefits were not just for me, but for my family as well. I now know that exercise, nutrition and a positive attitude are the ingredients to a stronger and longer life. Hristo has taken me on a journey and while I am not at the end, I am happy to be on the right path.
What is a testimonial without some statistics? I have had a total of 23 pounds of fat loss. This has been a combination of his training regimen, fitness boot camp and exercise plan he has tailored for me. He has even inspired me to run. I never wanted to run and when I did run, I hated it! However, with my full time job (with travel) and 2 children, he realized that running is something I could do anywhere, anytime. He gave me a plan to follow and I am up to 3 miles (no stops). Not only do I now enjoy running, I look forward to it! Hristo is passionate about his work and is a fantastic trainer and coach. He will change your life, he changed mine!
Ramona R
Geneva, IL

  -- Ramona, Geneva Il.
 “February 18, 2008
To Whom It May Concern:
I am very pleased to write to you a reference for Hristo .
He is an excellent personal trainer. He is extremely knowledgable of all aspects of physical fitness. His passion to continue to learn is evident and impressive. He communicates new information and ideas with me, so I can get the most out of every workout and incorporate fitness into every aspect of my life.
Hristo is a dedicated trainer and is prepared for every session I have with him. He is an encouraging and motivating trainer who challenges me at every workout. Through training with Hristo I have gained confidence, strength, health, and a new belief in my body’s innate abilities.
Not only would I recommend Hristo as a personal trainer, I would urge anyone who wants a trainer who is knowledgeable, passionate and cares about their client’s physical fitness, to sign up with Hristo today!

Kimberly S.

  -- Kimberly S. Elburn, Illinois
 ““"Working with Hristo as my personal trainer has made all the difference for me! When I started training with Hristo, I was incredibly obese and was taking 6 different medications. Because of his expertise, I have had 56 pounds of fat loss, built muscle tone, and I have been able to discontinue all of my medicine. Thank you, Hristo! ”
  -- Julianne B, Elburn, Illinois
 “I have struggled with being over weight my entire life. I always made many failed attempts at doing something about it. In January 2007, I went to the doctor for a check in and weighed in at 228 pounds and knew I had to do something. I realized in that moment that it would never get any easier and I would just continue to gain weight, thus making it harder to lose weight. A few weeks later, I joined XSport due to the fact it was close to my house and a good price.
After my initial training with Hristo, I decided I should sign up to work with him, as I really had no idea what to do. Working with him has completely changed the way I see things. I know have a variety of different exercises I can do and have realized that exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring thing. The variety is good for my body and also keeps me entertained.
I also realized that being healthy doesn’t mean that I have to live off of salads alone. Hristo has worked to show me the importance for seeing what I’m eating and what’s in my food and having a balance for things that are good for me. The mindset change has helped me. I’ve noticed the little things make a huge difference – instead of snacking on sweets at work in the afternoon, I’ll have some carrots or some fruit. When I get that urge for something sweet after dinner, I’ll have some fat free yogurt instead of ice cream. It’s the decisions like that that make a difference and what Hristo helped me to see.
There is also a mindset change for me. Now, I want to do it. I want to lose weight. I’ve seen that I have dropped weight already and want to do more. For the time we have worked out I have lost 30 pounds of fat loss, others around me have commented that they notice that I have lost weight. Also, clothes fit better, and when I get on the scale, I know I have lost weight. I want to do more now – I know I can, and now I want more. I look forward to going to the gym.
I’ve also learned that the gym is a great way to get myself going in the morning over having caffeine. I have also learned that the gym is a great way to work through stress that may be building up. Overall, being there helps me so much.
I am grateful for all the time and energy Hristo has put into working with me and I look forward to the continued change.

  -- Kelly, Batavia, IL
 “Before having Hristo as a trainer, I was never very motivated to work out. He is very knowledgeable, encouraging, and the motivation he gave me has made all the difference in changing my attitude about reaching my fitness goals. I work out four to five times a week now and the results are amazing! I feel stronger, healthy, built muscle, and more toned than I ever have. I can't believe I can actually see muscles! ”
  -- Jan P, Batavia, illinois
Erin Erin
 “I have pondered the idea of getting a personal trainer for quite some time. I haven't committed to the idea simply because of the financial aspect...hello recession!

Then I thought long and hard and decided that I have been doing this by myself for so long by myself that I do need some help. Sure I made some progress...lost some weight, some inches, feeling better, etc. but now I feel stuck! I did kick up my workouts and I did tighten my nutrition but now I am waving the white flag and I'm ready to ask for help. While it feels like a luxury, it truly is a cry for help and guidance. I NEED to lose this weight. This is far from a vanity health is at stake with a family history of diabetes, hypertension, cancer and heart disease.
So the plan was to interview a few trainers and see who would be a good fit for me. Well it was easier than I thought because I totally clicked with Erin. She's so cool...has great ideas, a great sense of humor, similar views on health and nutrition.

I worked out this morning with her and I must say...WOW! This is the push I needed.
I also liked that she she asked me to let go of the worry and control and to trust her and let her take care of planning and strategies. That felt like a relief!

I am excited and I am worth it! ”
  -- Linda, Naperville, Illinois
 “Erin's no - nonsense approach to improving my body was just what I needed - a unique workout designed to suit my body. Erin customized the workout to my needs and always kept it fun and interesting. No sessions were ever the same. Erin takes pride in the sessions that she custom designs for you and she is fully vested in your success. She pushed me to levels in my workout that I thought were unattainable. The personalized programm that Erin designed for me balanced the right amount of weight training, cardio exercise, and diet to meet my needs. My workouts with Erin allowed me to improve my physique by working out smarter and more effectively; every rep counts. No time or energy is wasted. Every workout with Erin was most definitely challenging, yet rewarding. My results weren't just good, they were GREAT!!

My husband has been one of her strongest supporters, because he has seen the way she sculpted my body for the better. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone who is serious about starting a workout program where results are inevitable.

  -- Connie, Naperville, Illinois
 “"Erin was a huge motivation in my plight to drop some weight for my 40th birthday trip to Tullum, Mexico. We worked out 3 times a week for a few months. She kept me laughing, even when I thought I was going to die from pain. And the second the pain was over... I was still laughing. She was a really motivating force. She mixed up the workouts so that my muscles were always challenged in a different way. I always looked forward to a good butt whooping from Erin. And always felt like a $100 afterwards. She's really good stuff."”
  -- Sarah, Oak Park, Illinois
 “Prior to hiring Erin as my personal trainer, I had never realized my potential. Through Erin's help, encouragement, and confidence she was able to help me achieve goals and make new ones. I have never been this healthy in my entire life; her knowledge of nutrition and physiology of the human body has really empowered me to take control of my life and strive to be a healthier person. There are always hurdles in any weight-loss or fitness plan, but Erin helps you get through them through her daily communication and knowledge of getting through platues. Even when I was close to falling off the wagon, she pulled me through some of the tougher parts of my fitness plan. She is always a pleasure to work with, and I never thought working out could be so much fun!”
  -- Michelle, Elmhurst, IL
Ralph Ralph
 “I have been working out with Ralph for a year and i have nothing but great things to say about him. Ralph designed a program that helped to take my game to the next level. We both agreed that key focus points would be to increase speed, quickness, and my vertical. Ralph believes that the base for all of that is increasing the STABILITY of your entire body first. We started with a lot of testing and it was shocking for me to find out how unbalanced i was. We spend a lot of time working on that and only after i build a solid base, we added more strengthening, power, and jump training. I really liked the progression on the program and i enjoyed the exercises he designed specifically for my needs.

Ralph has a lot of knowledge and experience not only in sport training but also in other essential elements for health like nutrition and muscle activation techniques (MAT). Ralph is a certified MAT specialist which was a brand new concept to me. Even though I was a little skeptical about MAT at first, I found it to be a fascinating way to help your body operate in proper way. Also, I got a lot of great nutrition tips and advice while chatting in between repetition.

I like Ralph's passion for what he does and always appreciate his energy especially when he tries to push you out of your comfort level. I am very lucky and thankful to have him as my personal trainer! Keep up the good work Ralph!
  -- Rassa Virsilaite, pro beach volleyball player
 “When I was first introduced to MAT, I was a little skeptical. I had worked with division one college strength coaches, strength coaches within my professional organization and played with top professionals from around the world and no one seemed to know what MAT was. However, after one session with Ralph I was excited to come back again. Not only was he training me physically, but he was also describing in detail how the process of muscle activation works to help me understand how he was improving my body. I’ve been working with Ralph since I was last injured, and I’ve been injury-free since and feeling more stable and stronger than I had solely using other workout techniques. Even my soreness after games has been reduced and my persistent, nagging muscle aches have been eliminated.Ralph
  -- Chris Rolfe, proffesional soccer player
 “I met Ralph about three months before my wedding. I wanted to loose about 12 pounds so I could fit in my dress better. With in six weeks I lost about three inches in my waist. I did fit into the dress, even better than I first expected. The exercises he has me do are never boring. We changed the routines often and I feel now motivated coming into the gym. I have been training with Ralph ever since, even after my wedding. I feel very energetic and he has tough me to focus on staying healthy and fit not just trying to meet some temporary goals. Ralph, thank you for getting me in shape and helping me stay fit.

  -- Jennifer, marketing director
 “The benefits of MAT therapy for young, highly trained, professional athletes are well documented. But would it work for a sedentary person in their 50’s trying to get back in shape? In short - Yes! I saw immediate results with my first MAT sessions with Ralph. The decades spent raising kids, building a business, traveling and late night entertaining had taken their toll. Ralph’s MAT sessions helped me feel younger by dramatically increasing my range of motion, flexibility and strength. Ralph was able to reactivate all the muscles in a muscle group that had shut down from years of neglect which in turn help speed up the results I saw with my personal trainer. As I continue working out with a personal trainer I include Ralph’s MAT sessions to keep everything in balance. If you have finally decided to get back in shape, look and feel better Ralph’s MAT therapy will definitely accelerate the process.
  -- Pierce, retired businessman
 “I have been training with Ralph for three years. Prior to that I thought that a personal trainer was a colossal waste time and money. Now I cannot imagine workouts without him. Ralph has an uncanny ability to prescribe and execute an exercise regime tailored to my body and its attendant aches and pains. He made me aware of how to do various exercises, and how it is essential to have his oversight to assure that each exercise is done properly. I wholeheartedly recommend Ralph as an outstanding trainer

  -- Julian, a retired lawyer
Alex Alex
 “Alex is a very outgoing and caring person, you can tell he holds a special passion for his profession. He strives to find exercises or activities that I enjoy, and he always brings new exercises to the table keeping the session interesting. He has incorporated yoga, kickboxing, kettle-bells, outdoor activities such as biking, and athletic drills. I have been working out with Alex for over a year and his knowledge base always amazes me, we have never had two days alike with all the different exercises he incorporates.

I have lost 30 pounds and greatly improved muscle tone throughout my whole body. I never thought it would be possible to feel in better shape now, than when I was younger, I have tons of energy and have no problem keeping up with my kids.

Alex has been an extremely motivating and positive influencer in my life, I know these results may have not been possible without his dedication and guidance in proper nutrition and exercise.

If you are looking to exercise and enjoy it, give Alex a call, his pep and sense of humor will have the sessions flying bye before you even realize that you are sweating.

  -- Pete Pollachek, Beecher,IL
 “Several months ago I started working with Alex. His strong work ethic and good sense of humor kept the workouts enjoyable while his knowledge allowed me to workout without hurting myself.

Trainers aren't hard to find, it's finding one that can work around your schedule, at your home or gym and you enjoy working with. These are often the factors that I found difficult to find in trainers, and Alex always tries to accommodate my hectic schedule.

I highly recommend giving Alex a call if you are serious about getting in shape.

  -- Kevin Van Eekeren, Flossmoor, IL
 “I like to tell people that I have the best trainer in the world, and I honestly feel that way. I began taking fitness and exercise seriously in August, 2007. After wasting a month doing totally ineffective workouts on my own, I enlisted the services of a personal trainer. Without a doubt, the best money I ever spent. While I made significant progress under his guidance, after 26 months of working together, we had a parting of the ways. That’s when I found Alex. WOW!!!! What a difference. With Alex, every day is a surprise. I never know which rabbit he’ll pull out of his hat next. Cardio includes running, box jumps, kick-boxing (did I mention that I’m 55 years old)? Torturous abdominal exercises pretty much daily along with a variety of resistance training. When our hour together is over, I feel like a horse that’s been ridden hard and put away wet, but I am invigorated and frankly in awe of myself. Alex pushes me beyond what I thought my capabilities were. I find that I am more energized, my confidence level is over the top and I am without a doubt in the best shape of my life today and getting better all the time.

Thanks Alex!

  -- Mark Gineris
 “My name is Diane.  I am a 41-year old mother of 3 teenage children and I work fulltime as a registered nurse.  Needless to say our hectic schedules keep me very busy.   I quit smoking cigarettes about 10 years ago after having smoked for over 10 years.  My smoking history, limited activity and crazy schedule have always kept me from doing a lot of the physical activities I had always wanted to do.  That is….until recently.  About a year ago, I got it in my head that I wanted to compete in a triathlon.  Some may call it a moment of craziness, others may call it a mid-life crisis- whatever the reason, it happened…I decided to do a triathlon!  The hard part was still ahead of me.  After years of inactivity, I had to get myself in shape to actually DO the triathlon.  That is when I met Alex .  

Alex is a personal trainer who began teaching a Strength Training class at my hospital in January, 2009- just about the same time I made my life-changing decision.  I joined the class as soon as I heard about it and have not regretted the decision yet!  The program that Alex has developed for our group is dynamic, challenging and effective.  We meet as a group twice a week at the hospital.  Each class consists of both cardiovascular and strength-training components.  We use a variety of tools and equipment to develop and strengthen targeted muscle groups in a circuit-training atmosphere.  He provides individual attention to each member of the class and stresses correct form while we perform each exercise. It’s a wonderful learning environment because we are working out correctly and having a GREAT time doing it.

It’s been almost a year since I started the program and I can say, without any hesitation, it was one of the best decisions I could have made to prepare myself to reach my goals!  Alex was instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness objectives.  He individualized my workouts to focus on muscle groups that I needed to develop to be a better swimmer, biker and runner.  He gave me suggestions for non-class day exercises so that I could continue my workouts on my own time.  He answered questions about food choices and proper nutrition.  When I got discouraged, Alex was there to encourage me.  After months of training, I was finally able to realize my goal.  I competed in not 1, but 3 sprint-triathlons last season.  I am scheduled to compete in 4 more full-distance triathlons this year and hope to prepare myself for an Ironman within the next 4 years.  I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help and support of Alex.  I would recommend his training program to anyone who is interested in becoming a better athlete!”
  -- Diane Cullen
 “Alex is the best and worth every cent, hands down!!!As a Father of 3 with one on the way, sticking to a routine let alone staying motivated has been a huge hurdle. Alex has kept me on track and motivated for years, and the results are always rewarding!!! I continually increase size and strength while lowering body fat. My energy is always increasing even after running around with 3 kids all day. Every exercise session he brings something new to the table, he keeps me and my muscles guessing, which keeps it new and exciting. Trust me when I say "Alex is the guy to go with!!!"

  -- Lorenzo Rotondi, Chicago Heights, IL
 “What can I say about Alex..."He's awesome!" Not having been an individual with any set exercise routine, I have to admit that starting to workout with Alex was initially intimidating but he continues to make it interesting and fun and totally worth all the hard work---I've lost approx. 11 inches total since we started a month ago!! We never get stuck in a boring routine--we mix it up with boxing, weight training and we've even tried some yoga--I never know what to expect!!! I would highly recommend Alex to anyone looking for a motivator and someone that can help you get healthy and stay moving!!!

  -- Debbie Wedick, Evergreen Park, IL
 “I have only been working with Alex for a short 2 months but the difference it has made in my strength and endurance has been incredible. I went from swimming 100 yards and being winded to now swimming 5400 yards straight without stopping as I train for an open water swim at his suggestion. He has motivated me to achieve something that I never thought was possible. He knows when to push it and also when to let up alittle and give the weary old body a chance rest and recover for the next step in accomplishing your fitness goals.
  -- Carol Carter, Mokena, IL
Jeremy Jeremy
 “When I first started training with Jeremy I was this overweight, out of shape woman with swollen ankles who could hardly bend over or squat. What a poor sight I was. My decision to hire you as my personal trainer was mostly because of your concern for my health and your passion for what you do...and that is to restore a broken body into a healthy, well maintained human being. Your unique style of training has kept me on my toes. I am never bored and I always look forward to the unexpected challenges. I especially like your philosophy of working the whole body and not just the body parts that hurt. Today I can walk without pain, bend and squat with little or no effort.
  -- Lora Vega, West Chicago, IL
 “Over the last 20 years, I have had many fitness experiences that have included group classes, cardio and weights, and personal trainers. The results have been mediocre at best. I had finally blamed the lack of significant bodily improvement on my family genes. A few months ago, I decided to start one on one sessions with Jeremy (about 2 to 3 times a week). My only goal was to feel better about myself. Since then, I have broken through what I would consider "fitness barriers" that existed in my twenties and thirties. At 42, with two children (ages 5 and 6), I am seeing lines and contours that went into hiding after 7th grade gymnastics. I have dropped several sizes in trousers, and I feel younger than ever! More importantly, Jeremy has customized my workout to adapt to injuries obtained from poorly executed weight training over a decade ago. The overall "core" focus has also improved aches and pains from years of bad ergonomic workplace posture and repetitive movements. Jeremy's focus on skeletal well-being, along with muscular health is all part of a thoughtful and individualized exercise program that is constantly changing and evolving. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Jeremy. He operates at the same professional caliber of someone who I would imagine as "trainer to the stars or sports elite". Jeremy is focused, attentive, and involved throughout the entire session. I have never experienced aches or soreness post--workout due to the thorough stretching that Jeremy incorporates into his routines. Jeremy is the only "coach" who has been able to unlock my potential. I continue to be grateful for his time and expertise.Jeremy
  -- Stacy Leonard, Arlington Heights, IL
 “I've worked with Jeremy for about 2 years now and it has affected my life in so many ways......I feel so blessed. First of all, I am in the best physical shape in my life....and with turning 40 just months away, it feels great! I finally have those defined muscles I've always wanted....have only 18% body fat......and more energy than I've ever had. And with 2 little kids to be running after, it makes a big difference. It is pretty simple why this has been successful for me. First, Jeremy knows exactly what he is doing....he's educated....he listens to what my physical and health goals are....and most importantly, he mixes it up. Never the same workout...never boring. Jeremy's goal is that with every exercise it's a full body workout. So, although you may feel it somewhere in particular on your can be assured....your whole body is working. Which means, less time and quicker results. Perfect! because I don't have time with my little ones to dedicate everyday to working out. With a trainer who is there to motivate you even when you may not be in the mood to workout and making sure you are getting the most out of every exercise.....AND it's fun.......the results come....and they come quick!...they did for me.Jeremy
  -- Amy Augustine, Arlington Heights, IL
 “Jeremy is a highly skilled personal trainer whose greatest gift is his ability to tailor a program to suit each client's specific needs. I began working with Jeremy after years of suffering with pain due to disc problems and past sports injuries. He has helped me to gradually build strength without causing injury. His program has increased my mobility, reduced my back and joint pain, and taught me how to prevent further injury. I have also had the opportunity to observe Jeremy training other clients. His technique lies in carefully observing the entire body’s movement and alignment; which enables him to re-balance all of the parts to work together as they were intended. Jeremy is the best trainer I have had the pleasure of working with. If you’ve ever suffered set backs by other trainers, or been pushed to do things you should not be doing, you owe it to yourself to see what a professional trainer can do for YOU! Jeremy
  -- Bob Sisk, St Charles, IL
Michael Michael
 “Great Results, Outstanding Trainers! I have personally trained with Michael as well as a number of his trainers. They are all extremely knowledgeable, helpful and truly want to see their clients reach their fitness goals. Michael's advice goes far beyond how to work-out in a gym. His philosophy is to help with diet and overall lifestyle as well - and Michael gives great advice on life in general, if you ask him! I highly recommend Michael and his team.

Rive, Age 41, Partner at Consulting Firm

  -- Rive, Chicago, IL
 “Best shape of my life!!


Ken, Age 55, Actor

  -- Ken, Chicago, IL
 “After just a few weeks, I felt more energized, slept better, and felt less stressed than in recent memory. At 34, I am in better shape, have more muscle tone and have a higher level of fitness ability than ever.

Kimberly, Age 34, Consultant

  -- Kimberly, Chicago, IL
 “Today, at 42 years old, I look better and feel better then I did at 22 and now that I've found something that really works, I'm sticking with it.

Michael, Age 42, Banker

  -- Michael, Chicago, IL
 “I've had great results and an excellent experience. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to get in shape.

Nick, age 35, IT Manager at large law firm.


  -- Nick, Chicago, IL
 “Amazing results in 3 months with Michael ! In less than 4 weeks, I reached a new level, and after 3 months I looked like a fitness model. I have been with them for over 3 years now, and will continue to use their services. All of their trainers are professional, experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable, fun and friendly.

James, age 41, Insurance Agent.

  -- James, Chicago, IL
 “ I am truly a satisfied client, and I give Michael my absolute highest recommendation!

Eric, Age 45, Attorney

  -- Eric, Chicago, IL
 “Working out with Michael has changed my life. I have never been more motivated to get in shape and stay in shape. Michael took the time to design a program to meet my personal fitness goals by designing a meal plan, cardio, and strength training program just for me. He is vastly knowledgeable about diet and that has been very helpful. Michael is encouraging, professional and he makes the workouts fun. Now other moms ask me constantly what I do to stay so fit.

Sara, Age 40, stay at home mom

  -- Sara, Chicago, IL
 “My experience with Michael has been extraordinary. Through careful instruction of research and evidence-based techniques in the areas of nutrition, cardio and strength training, Michael has helped me discover my best body ever. He has a relentless passion for health and fitness, and the proof is in the pudding--amazing results. If you're serious about getting in shape, look no further.

Erin, age 33, Stay-at-Home Mom‎


  -- Erin, Chicago, IL
 “Signed up and was instantly impressed. I saw results after 1 month and a complete change in body type after only 3 months. Previously, I Weight trained for years and struggled with meeting goals and hitting plateaus. Michael and his staff’s knowledge, expertise, and professionalism are unsurpassed which is proven within the first week. I could not be happier with my results.

Mike, Age 28, Financial Analyst for Fortune 500 Company.

  -- Mike, Chicago, IL
 “ Rick is an awesome personal trainer. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of body building. He does a great job spotting me, and gave me a great diet. Its great working out with him he is nice and fun to talk to while resting between sets. I’m seeing great results, and no doubt Rick is the cause. ”
  -- Ravi Gupta
 “Rick is my personal trainer. He is amazing! Rick can accomplish any short term or long term goal you set for your self.

Rick provides:

100% Commitment

100% Attention

100% Results

100% Satisfaction ”
  -- Pam Nobles
 “I would recommend anyone who wants to greatly improve their physical and mental well being to work w/ Rick. Not only does he go above and beyond..but he is constantly introducing and adding new techniques to my workouts. He is well educated and advanced in this area as well as a all round "good" guy!!! He has challenged me to seek additional workouts as well as advanced my levels of improvement. We are BOTH realistic with my goals and together are pushing limits to achieve them.

  -- Rosario Signorile, Forest Park, IL
 “Dear Rick,

I had to let you know how pleased I am with your training sessions. As you know, I
have read books, the internet, and I have experimented in my own gym. But, only
after a few weeks, I felt and saw months of improvements. You always have an
exercise that completely hits my muscles differently than the last.

Your knowledge of nutrition and diet proved to me that I can achieve my goals much
faster than I imagined. Also, with not as much effort as I would have thought.

I also wanted to thank you for the extra effort and time you personally put into my
workouts that definitely made all the difference. You always returned all my
outside workout sessions questions promptly. You really care about your students
and clearly will do anything for them.

With these tools that you have taught me, I feel more solid and ready to bring
myself to levels that only a few weeks ago, I just thought were not possible.

Thanks again,

  -- David Gang , Addison, IL
 “ If someone asked my about the training I received from Rick, I would say it was more then I expected. I saw more size and strength sooner then I thought I would, I always had fun in every training session I had. I would refer anyone that wants to get in shape and have fun doing it to get in touch with Rick and his team. ”
  -- Dan D. Countryside, IL
chabala chabala
 “Losing weight has not been an easy thing for me, because I suffer from an eating disorder.
I started working-out with Chabala in 2007. She has helped me to lose 20lbs. it has been a stuggle.
I have never meet someone with so much patience in my life. Chabala has taught me how to make life changes in my life and has always made me feel very important.
Linda Sandoval, chicago, ill.”
  -- Lindia Sandoval
Tony Tony
 “After being in a car accident. "I feel great, it's like magic. I will gladly be a testimonial." After one myotherapy session.

  -- Dr. Jeff Jackson, M.D., Chicago, Il.
 “Tony, I started coming in to you with neck pain and postural issues which have since been corrected. Thank you for making my dreams come true, I just wanted relief from my pain and now I am looking forward to playing competitive volleyball again which I didn't think at all possible. You make each workout session different and exciting, I still can't figure out how we do a different routine every time and I have been coming to you for years! I am pain free and look forward to each session with you and getting back out on the court!

  -- Pam Nelson Barrington, Il.
 “Tony's three week purification program has helped me kick a life long addiction to Diet Coke, and a total of 7 lbs. of weightloss in that time, I also have better energy and developed healthier eating habits that make me feel better overall. He is very patient with me and understanding as the program can be challenging at times. He makes all of the workout sessions we spend together fun and exciting! It's different everytime!

  -- Sarah Kirson, Barrington, Il.
Jay Jay
 “I began personal training when my daughter was around 16 months old. I had been unable to lose that last 10 lbs. despite rigorous exercise on my own. The trainer I started working with ended up leaving after about 4 months of training with her. My husband was training with Jay at the time so I switched and started training with him as well. I thoroughly enjoyed my workouts with Jay. I was challenged and continued to see results as my sessions progressed. Jay gave me all my workouts to take with me so that I could do them on off days on my own. Many could be done at home, and when I went to the gym they were easy to replicate.

Last summer I shared with Jay that we were hoping to get pregnant sometime soon but that I wanted to stay in as good of shape as possible and wanted to continue training throughout my pregnancy. Jay did not shy away from the challenge. When I did become pregnant, he spent time on his own doing research on what I could do during the various stages of my pregnancy. He brought the research to me as well as workouts tailored to my various months of pregnancy. I trained with Jay for my first 4 months and was impressed at the time and care he took to ensure that we were doing exercises that were safe for me and yet continued to challenge me as much as I could be challenged at the time.

Jay is dedicated to his job and cares about each client individually and tailors workouts for each person. I would recommend his services to whomever asks.

Chicago, IL

  -- Laura
 “What we like best about this program is the fact that it isn't just twice a week work-outs. JW is extremely dedicated and invested in our overall health throughout the week. He provides customized shopping lists, recipes, and copies of our work out plans. We highly recommend JW to anyone looking to get in shape or seeking a solid fitness routine.

Matt and Emily
Chicago, IL

  -- Matt and Emily
Congrats on getting Married and I hope you enjoyed the honeymoon. I have been reflecting on my experience working with a "personal trainer." I must say it is probably one of the greatest investments of my entire life. I was somewhat skeptical because of the serious commitment I needed to make and the dollars it would cost to achieve real success. I can now look back over the last 12 weeks and say without any regret I was lucky to have worked with you.
The bottom line is that I went from 248 lb's to 215 lb's and went from a body fat % of 28% to 21%. Amazing results in such a reasonable time. I never thought I would lose 33 lb's headed into my wedding in 3 weeks. I have worked with trainers in the past where I lost focus on the goal and truly just got board finally quitting. Your ability to keep me in line and help me stay on track is a huge achievement as I can sometimes be lazy.
Your organization and commitment to success is your greatest strengths. You had done the prep work before and knew exactly what we were doing each day before we even started. We were able to waste no time and dive right into the session. You made the workouts enjoyable, easy to repeat on my own, adventurous, always changing, challenging, fun and addictive. Yes believe it or not you made me want more and more as I started to see results I have not seen in 10 years. You have changed my outlook on working out, staying healthy and most important eating right.
I hope you can show this email to a prospective client as I am a someone who benefited from your ability to help people achieve the highest possible results.
P.S. It is obvious you love what you do and I could see that. Keep it up. You are the BEST at what you do!
  -- Dan, Chicago, Illinois
Jeremy Jeremy
 “I have been working with Jeremy for almost five months. My original goal was to see Jeremy one on one a few times, lose some weight, gain some energy and improve my overall fitness level. Jeremy has far exceeded my expectations and my training with him will be ongoing. Not only is Jeremy an excellent trainer with an unbelievable amount of knowledge with regards to physical training, but he has focused on my overall health and my eating habits. I am sleeping better at night, I am stronger and more fit than I was before having my three kids and I get to eat five times a day (this is three or four times more than I did five months ago). At the pool with my kids last month, I was asked by a woman if I had the time and would be interested in working with her - as her trainer. Having someone ask me that after seeing me in a bathing suit only reinforced what I already knew, that what Jeremy has taught me works. I look and feel better than I thought I ever could and at 41, I feel great. I would highly recommend Jeremy as a personal trainer, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Jeremy.
  -- Jackie, Naperville, IL
 “I have been an athlete almost my entire life and spent a lot of time in the gym growing up. Then I went away to school, stopped working out, gained weight, and couldn't get back in the gym. I contacted Jeremy because I wanted someone to help me get back in shape QUICKLY. In just 12 weeks I lost 20 pounds and 4.3% body fat. In addition to his workouts, Jeremy's knowledge and guidance on nutrition was a large piece of my success. I was able to meet and exceed all of my goals during my time working with Jeremy and could not be happier with my results!
  -- Jason, Wheaton, IL
 “When I first talked to Jeremy about the possibility of having him as a personal trainer, I was very impressed with the way he asked us what our goals were and the way he set up a program that would fit those goals. My exercise program was then set up to deal specifically with those goals in mind. Jeremy also worked with me regarding diet and eating patterns in addition to the exercise program. I found him to be quite knowledgeable in the areas of fitness and exercise as well as diet and eating patterns. I am extremely happy with my decision to have Jeremy as my personal trainer.
  -- Don
 “I was so happy to have the opportunity to begin with Jeremy as a personal trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of training and nutrition. He is very thoughtful about what I need to achieve my goals. I’ve experienced a huge change in strength and confidence.

  -- Linda
 “I began working with Jeremy with the goals of maintaining my weight, gaining strength, improving balance and maintaining bone density. I feel I am on my way to accomplishing all this, plus I feel great! I love that the training plan is tailored to fit my individual needs. Jeremy is knowledgeable, encouraging, responsive, and reliable. Getting fit has never been more convenient and rewarding!

  -- Marilyn
 “I am a stay at home mom of two. Finding time to work out was very difficult and was low on my priority list. Since working out with Jeremy, it has become a part of my regular routine. It has been a very rewarding experience for me. I look and feel healthier than the day I got married. I could not have done it without Jeremy. His experience and professionalism keep me motivated and committed. Now my husband, family and friends are all noticing the changes, and it feels wonderful!

  -- Kelli, Naperville, IL
James James
 “James Has proven to be a fantastic trainer. He is absolutely dedicated to his job and is committed to helping every one of his numerous clients reach their goals. Working with him has given me new insight, motivation and a very positive change in my appearance. James has a no nonsense approach and worked with me to create a unique workout program designed to meet my weight loss goals. James also taught me about working out safely and how to make my overall lifestyle more healthy-better nutrition, proper rest and additional cardio exercises. James maintains high energy and motivational talk during the workout and makes very sure that I know exactly how the exercise is done properly, so I can do it right and get the maximum benefit from each rep. I have to say James is the best at what he does, and I have not been in better shape. It has been six months of training with him and not only have I had fun doing it, I am seeing constant improvements. I cannot recommend James enough. James
  -- Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta, Chicago
Thanks to James I have never been in such great shape. My posture has improved, my waist has shrunk, and my arms are really toned. James makes the workouts fun and interesting, and is always looking for ways to help me reach and exceed my goals. Thanks to him, I look better at 45 than I did at 25!”
  -- Molly Riley, Chicago, IL
Training with James has been the best decision I have made for my health and fitness in the past 33 years. Since working with him I have achieved visible results far superior then I had imagined. Not only do I look better, but I feel better and have more energy and mental acuity. James continues to be in tune with my needs and pushes me hard during every workout. We have fun but most of all we get results. I am in the best shape of my life at 33 thanks to James.”
  -- Elana Spector, Chicago, IL
James is a rock solid trainer! We exceeded our goals repeatedly and his interesting workouts kept me motivated. He is very knowledgeable about nutrition and helped me design a diet that works well for my lifestyle. Thanks for all your help James, I feel great!”
  -- Joshua Johnson, Chicago/Kankakee, IL
Ilona Ilona
 “Ilona has such a grasp of what works for your body. She motivates you and encourages you and somehow manages to make it a fun and positive experience. I have been using her for almost a year and she still manages to deliver different exercises to help keep me pushing myself. She is reliable, friendly, smart and in great shape! She knows what works and she’ll help you through every stage of getting physically fit.”
  -- Gina
 “My entire life I have been involved in athletics. From figure skating to ice hockey, softball to lacrosse, marathons to triathlons, but those experiences only slightly prepared me for the journey to becoming a figure competitor. It was a 4 month commitment that I never would have been able to complete if it wasn’t for my coach Ilona . I learned of Ilona through a mutual friend and from our initial consultation over the phone I knew she was the one to help me reach my goal. She was honest, real, told it like it was and clearly knew what she was talking about.

Throughout the 4 months in working with Ilona she kept a close eye on my progress, always checking in either via text, email or phone. She listened to what I was experiencing as the diet/training became more strict and made just slight changes in order to get me through the day but would still continue to see the changes in my body that I needed to make. I would text Ilona throughout the training period whether I was at a restaurant and didn’t know what to order or if I was feeling funky and needed a pep text – that accessibility I found to be extremely important. Training for a figure competition can leave you feeling like you’re on an island of your own, so having someone on your side, supporting you and guiding you, even through a text message means the world!

The weeks leading up to competition day Ilona committed herself to getting me prepared. She left nothing to question. From guiding me on what shoes to get, where to purchase inexpensive jewelry and what tanning products to buy, Ilona covered it all. Our posing sessions leading up to the competition were intense. She pushed me through each session, challenging me to get it right. If it wasn’t for those sessions I know for a fact I would not have placed as well as I did.

On competition day I cannot say enough about how lucky I felt to have Ilona there with me. From understanding how to pose on stage (the promoter changed it up that day from what we had practiced), what to eat and how much more tanning product to put on, Ilona was there to keep me from worrying about all that which allowed me to focus on my performance! There were confused competitors without a coach coming up and asking Ilona for her guidance and she willingly assisted them which made me feel as though I had a one-up on the competition just by having Ilona there as my coach.

In the end my journey to competing in a figure competition would have never been possible without Ilona as my mentor and coach. She understood the goal I had set for myself and provided me with a roadmap on how to reach that goal. Ilona’s raw talent to understand the human body and how it works is truly amazing and her approach to coaching is healthy and realistic. I will absolutely being going back to Ilona when I get the itch to compete in another competition!”
  -- Elizabeth Di John
 “All my life I have battled my weight. When I was in high school I wasn’t exactly the “fat girl” but I was never happy with my body either. I stayed pretty fit with allof my activities though all the while I ate whatever I wanted. After high school all that changed, I kept eating like I always had but all of the physical movement ceased. My weight over the next couple years continually went up and down reaching a high of 175/180. It was always a stressful situation and that never helped the issue and caused more gain. In the winter of 2008 I became pregnant; at this point I saw pregnancy as my free-for-all, for 9 months. I ate any and everything I wanted without lifting a finger exercise wise. I ended up gaining 60lbs on my previous 140lb frame. Once the pregnancy was over and there was no longer an “excuse” I knew a change was going to have to be made. I started doing jazzercise and later became an instructor. In the mean time I managed to drop down to around 157lbs and then hit a plateau. This is when I realized I couldn’t do it all by myself. I was on when I found Ilona . I started looking through her pictures and her before and after pictures really intrigued me. I contacted her and we got to work almost immediately. Throughout my training with Ilona she was always quick to respond to all of my emails and texts (and there were a lot) and she never hesitated to answer any of my crazy questions. Most importantly, I saw my body change in a way it never had and do things I didn’t think it could do. There were times when I didn’t think I could do it but Ilona was always there to encourage me and give me that push I needed. I love the changes in my body and I look forward to working with Ilona in the future. She is amazing!”
  -- Tanya Carpenter
 “As a mother of 3, I never envisioned myself competing in a Figure Competition, let alone winning one! But Ilona saw things in me that I did not. She was the key to my body transformation. After deciding to take the plunge and compete, my life changed forever for the better.

I have always enjoyed working out. But with Ilona’s guidance, my work outs took me to a whole new level. She worked with me for 15 weeks and during that time, my body changed dramatically and my confidence level changed along with it. Ilona accomplished this transformation through her Knowledge, Passion, and Dedication.


At first, I was skeptical that I could get my body into competition shape. Ilona guided me with a fantastic work out plan and a very manageable eating plan. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding nutrition. She knows exactly how to fuel my body without depriving my body. Immediately, the clean, but plentiful eating plan made me feel full of energy.


Not only that, but Ilona’s passion for the Figure Competiton sport is motivating and contagious. She deeply cares about her clients and is equally excited about the great results that occur week after week. She celebrates the weekly victories and boosts my confidence level each time we talk.


Ilona takes immediate note of any issues as they occur and is solution oriented. For example, during my training period, I had to go on a variety of trips including one overseas. Ilona developed a workout plan for me to do on the road. She also guided me with food choices while I was away.

She is also quick to respond to texts/emails with any and every question that popped up along the way.


As I was waiting to go on stage for the All Natural Body Building Competition, I couldn’t believe how great I felt, how amazing I looked, and how proud I was to have accomplished so much. Ilona was there with me backstage that day. I rememeber looking over at her and being so happy she was my coach. She know the business, the training needed, the nutrition requirements, and is a genious with posing advice. I wouldn’t want to train with anyone else. It was because of her dedication and knowledgeable coaching that I won 1st Place in the Masters Overall Figure Competition and 2nd in the Open Medium Figure Competition. Ilona produces winners. I’m happy to be one of them.”
  -- Pam Tvaroh
 “Ilona works you to the max and then some only to prove you as an individual can succeed despite one’s own doubt. My body has never felt better since I started and it’s all because Ilona has showed me the way. Thanks a million.”
  -- Jude Delashaw
 “Ilona is a breath of fresh air from the typical gym trainer. You will never be bored, she switches up the routine to take you to the next level to see better results, and most important to not be bored. She gives you all the tools you need to change your lifestyle and she is with you every step of the way!! Not to mention the most important to me she always made time for my busy schedule. If you are ready to make the change I recommend her 100%.”
  -- Elizabeth Deangelo
 “Working out with Ilona twice a week is a gift I give to myself. At 44 years old fitness had never been important to me. I didn’t seek out personal training but I enjoyed talking with Ilona and often remarked about my lack of energy. She offered to meet with me to see what we could do about that. We talked a great deal about the importance of good nutrition but once the subject of personal training came up I had a list of excuses: I have a sore lower back that can’t be strained, I have a prolapsed uterus so I couldn’t lift anything more than 15 pounds and perhaps the biggest obstacle was that I simply didn’t think I could workout for an entire hour. Somehow, Ilona got me from there to here and I am grateful. As for as my excuses, my back has never felt better and my doctor says there has been significant improvement with my prolapse which will very likely spare me a hysterectomy in the future.”
  -- Lisa E.
 “I really enjoy my workouts with Ilona. She challenges me, but at the same time knows how hard to push. She has great energy and is just a terrific person overall. She mixes up our workouts and introduces me to new concepts (drop sets, pyramids, ball exercises …) so that I can continue to make progress. I really liked that she herself had worked very hard on losing fat and gaining muscle – so she could really relate to what I was looking to accomplish.”
  -- Denise Hopkins
 “I was stuck at a certain weight and in 4 weeks (two 1-hour sessions each week), I have lost almost 3 pounds (body fat was 20.42% and is now 17.23%) and several inches altogether. And I’m having fun doing it! She makes me laugh while my quads are trembling on the Bosu Ball! I look forward to her coming to my house, bringing her gym equipment (which isn’t much- you might already have this stuff in your house) and pushing me and making me believe in myself. She also has given me new exercises to do and ensures I’m doing them properly. Ilona knows the mechanics of the body inside and out. Because she competes, she knows how to get there quickly (if that’s what you want). And she knows how to do it gradually but still get results quickly. She’s also got a great personality and can adapt to anyone. She made me a believer in myself!”
  -- Gina Pryor
 “Ilona is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she has at every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! I have new energy, I’ve gone from a size 14 to a 4, and healthy eating has become a way of life for me all because I met Ilona. Over the past few years, Ilona has done a lot more than just teach me how to workout and eat healthy she has motivated me to become a person that I didn’t know I could be. She has taught me that exercise is an important part of my life and more importantly…that it’s okay to have dessert every once in awhile.”
  -- Donna
Sylvia Sylvia
 “Hi my name is Carol and I have used Sylvia's services as my personal trainer. Before meeting Sylvia I was unable to walk a block without getting out of breath. My physical activity level was nil and I just didn't have the energy to do things.

Sylvia kept me motivated and I actually looked forward to spending Monday and Wednesday evenings with her. The hour went by so fast and I was actually looking for more. I was able to walk a mile without much exertion, do floor work which I never thought I would be able to do and had the energy to have fun with the grandkids. Now I am able to do the treadmill for an hour and have seen results in my physical as well as emotional well being. She was a life saver for me and I will forever be in her debt for all the attention and caring that she gave me.

Should you be looking for a personal trainer that will be caring and keep you motivated and have fun doing it, Sylvia is your girl. I am proud to call her my trainer as well as a new found friend.”
  -- Carol S., Chicago, IL
 “Sylvia Sorgel has been my trainer for a couple of years. I have always been physically active and have enjoyed working out on my own for many years. What Sylvia has done for me is provide the incremental edge which you hear so many professionals talk about: that little boost that improves form, speed, balance - whatever. Specifically, my balance has improved immeasurably since working with her. My muscles are much more defined as well. She is up to date on many new, different types of exercise equipment such as the "bosu™," which is phenomenal for balance and other things.

Additionally, Sylvia is a lovely human being with a great sense of humor, which makes the training even more enjoyable.”
  -- Hollis H., Niles, IL
Mark Mark

“I have worked with you for a number of years. No matter what the level of ability or fitness, you are the “go to guy” for golf conditioning and play enhancement in the Chicagoland area."”
  -- Keith Haines, Chicago, IL

“I started working with you several years ago and it was one of the smartest things I have ever done. You not only helped me recover from a back surgery and a hip replacement, but you continue to help me get stronger and keep me walking. Thanks to you I continue to be as active as possible.”

  -- Edward Genson, Deerfield, IL

"I play a lot of tennis and a little golf. Your recommended exercises have helped me increase power and balance on both the courts and the links. I'm also enjoying quicker recovery time and better overall fitness”.”
  -- Barry Dempsey, Buffalo Grove, IL
“I have been working with you for several years. You have been a tremendous help to me. You worked with me to develop a program involving posture, strength and flexibility. I have had significant improvement in each of these areas. The program and exercises has resulted in decreased pain with daily activities, and I have been able to play golf again”.”
  -- Bob Wattel, Chicago, IL

I have been delighted by the program -- it is one of the best investments I have made in my golf game. Before I began the program this spring, my game was declining. I was losing distance and consistency. Now, I have added at least 20 yards to my drives and have lost a couple inches in my waist to boot!. Best of all, I have shaved 3 strokes off my handicap without the benefit of a lesson. I am striking the ball much better and finally understand the relationship between my lower body and my swing.

Thanks for all of your help. I shot a 43 tonight during a practice round and never double bogied. It is really exciting to see a tangible improvement in my golf game. My buddies have noticed the improvement, too, so you may have some new clients.

Who says you can't become a better golfer once you hit the big 5-0?

  -- Mike Nikolich, Barrington Hills, IL
Chris Chris
It was three years ago this Spring That I broke my leg. After therapy, I had a bone density scan. The test showed osteoporosis in my back and hip! Also my neck and lower back had arthritis. Needless to say, I was very disappointed and worried. To work out these problems was very important to me mentally and physically.
Then I met Chris! He has been invaluable to me in helping me exercise properly and often. I can turn my head back and forth without pain, and my joints and muscles are so much more flexible. Chris has been a godsend - I feel better, look better (I think), and I can move about easily. He knows exactly what exercises and stretches benefit me and my needs. I call our sessions (three times weekly) a “love / hate” thing. I hate doing them, but I love the outcome!
I hope to continue our partnership for a long time!

Thank you Chris,”
  -- Lynn Riordan, Barrington, IL
Erika Erika
 “ "Hello, I am proud to say that Erika is for certain one of the most committed trainers that I have met to date. I tore my bicep muscle and needed a lot of time away from the gym to recover. That time made it harder for me to get my mind back into the swing of things. Erika changed that in a very short time. Not only did she help me become a self starter again but she made me do exercises that I would not normally do causing better gains. I am now back to the shape I was in before the injury and no doubt it is because of Erika!" Erika
  -- Rick
Steven Steven
 “After 4 pregnancies I was in serious need of bodywork when I met Steve. Finding time to workout isn't easy but Steve's taught me how important it is to keep to my weekly exercise schedule, and how to get the little ones involved in the fun. Getting fit has now become a family activity and I'm starting to feel young again. Thanks Steve!”
  -- Amy K Libertyville, IL
 “"I've been trying to tone up my problem areas (thighs and butt) for ages but it wasn't happening. Someone told me about Steve and how he'd helped them, and I thought "why not?". After 2 sessions I could feel the difference. Now my thighs and butt are seriously shaping up but not just that, the rest of my body is toning up at the same time. I can't say enough about the effect Steves had on my workout."”
  -- Melody R. Gurnee, IL
Rob Rob
 “At my very first meeting with Rob, the first words out of my mouth, literally, were ‘There’s nothing wrong with me.’ That’s how skinny I was—6 feet tall and 120 pounds—on a good day! As an aspiring actor, I was losing roles because of my appearance. It’s now nine months later, and working under Rob’s guidance, I am 18 pounds heavier and have never felt so good about myself. And we’re not done yet. While I have no desire to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, I can hardly wait to get to the gym each day to see what Rob has up his sleeve next to help me sculpt my physique into something of which I once could only dream. Thanks Rob!”
  -- Byron M.
 “Not until I was diagnosed with cancer did I come to truly understand what the ‘personal’ in personal trainer was all about. At that point I had already been working with Rob for 14 months and was so happy with the way my body had transformed. And then this—one of Life’s horrible curveballs. After undergoing chemotherapy treatment, with truckloads of prayer and support from my family I thankfully went into remission. I truly believe that the hard workouts I put in with Rob were largely responsible for my returning to good health. For several weeks before I felt strong enough to return to the gym Rob brought some dumbbells and ankle weights over and gave me a few mini-workouts in a cleared space on my living room floor. He continued to charge me the same rate I’d been paying to visit him at the gym, insisting that seeing me was on his way home anyway. When at last I did return to the gym there were days when I was not up to driving and he came and picked me up and took me home again. ‘Personal trainer’? All clients should know the true meaning of those two words. Thanks Rob, I’m yours for life. And I’m hoping it’s a long one.

  -- Steven R.
 “After giving birth to my first child I was able to shed the weight I’d gained rather quickly. For some reason I had no such luck after little Rebecca came along. I dieted and dieted but nothing seemed to happen. And then Rob, recommended to me by a gal I work with, showed up—took over, in fact, and glad I am for that! Rob taught me the ABCs of fitness, or should I say the CWDs: Cardio, Weights and Diet. Remove any of the three, Rob cautioned, and my progress would be impeded. With that in mind, we buckled down to work. I noticed on Rob’s profile that he stresses the importance of teamwork—I’m here to tell you that it couldn’t be more true. While Rob’s expertise has been the guiding light of our workouts, he places enormous input on feedback—continually asking how I feel about a particular movement, or how my energy level is. Taking it step by step and day by day, I watched my figure regain the flexibility, tone, and curves I had known in my college days. My husband tells me I look better now than I did when I met him—what could be more inspiring then that? My butt in particular has really responded well—a thing I’ve always been very conscious of. We attack my glutes from every angle, and for that alone, David—my husband—wants to give Rob a medal. As I write this I am happily pregnant again, and plan on working with Rob three days a week right up until they wheel me into the delivery room. I wonder if they’ll let me take a pair of dumbbells in there? I bet Rob could arrange it—I put nothing past him. See you on Monday Rob! ”
  -- Rachel C.
 “I am 57 years old and have been bodybuilding since I was 40. While I was pleased with what I’d been able to accomplish on my own, on my 56th birthday I decided to give myself a present and see if under the guidance of a professional I could take it to another level. Enter Rob. Over a couple of shakes at the protein bar we discussed what I’d been doing and where I hoped to go. He then proceeded—with much sensitivity, I must say—to dismantle my cherished routines and put them back together again. Under his expert care I learned what I’d been doing wrong but also what I’d been doing right—Rob is huge on positive reinforcement. Anyway, in the first six weeks, I—or should I say, Rob—added almost half an inch on my arm measurement. A half inch increase would be impressive in any case, but when it is considered that not only am I certainly no kid (duh) but that I had already been pumping iron for over a decade and a half, to experience such progress so quickly is truly remarkable. Rob, if you ever move to London (your favorite city) I’m going to have to brush up on my cockney accent, cause there’s no way you’re going without me! ”
  -- Rocky W.
 “I’ve had trainers before with varying results, but until I lucked upon Rob I was pretty much ignorant of the truth that a trainer could also be, and should be, a teacher as well. Rob takes the time to explain the nuts and bolts of every exercise I do, why it is effective and how to get the most from it. As an example, Rob isn’t satisfied to merely tell me that what we’re doing will work my triceps; he will explain if it’s for the medial head, the middle head, or the long head! Because I am happily retired and take lots of trips, I always make sure that the hotel I am booked into has exercise facilities. Because of Rob’s tutelage I can walk into any gym anywhere and be perfectly at home. Rob’s engaging manner, full of humor, not to mention his expertise on old movies, makes our workouts together a joy and a treasure for this old-timer. I’m not sure if I want to adopt Rob or ask him to go steady. ”
  -- Bill H.
Luke Luke
 “During the period I had Luke as my trainer, I have observed Luke to be consistently pleasant, tackling his training sessions with dedication and a smile.

I have observed Luke to be very knowledgeable in various areas. During my initial training curve, Luke took the time to clearly communicate the benefits of various training techniques, dieting practices, and usage of certain tools like the Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Live Strong web-based goals tracker etc.,. I have also seen Luke come up with creative ideas during the training sessions, and frequently amaze me with how he is able to tailor various techniques to suit an individual's need. It is usually very easy for a trainee to go off track from their goals, however, Luke, with his knowledge, commitment, and can-do attitude was able to keep me consistently focused on my goals, and I have seen great results, as an outcome.

I have also observed Luke to exhibit strong logical thinking, especially when I needed assistance finalizing my contract package. I could easily see Luke having a strong foundation skill of finance and math, and as a part of this exercise, he was able to present multiple options, and helped me come to a conclusion satisfactorily. I was impressed with various mathematical reasoning he was able to provide for each option that clearly helped me to understand the benefits, and determine the right path to choose.

Luke is very sincere and committed to the job he does. I have always observed him to be punctual, and well organized towards capturing detailed notes to progressively build a plan for future sessions. He also exhibits strong communication skills and relationship building skills. He knows when to motivate, and at the same time does not hesitate to share his feedback on improvement areas, when needed.

In a nut shell, Luke has the right soft skill package, personality, and knowledge. I highly recommend Luke for employment. I am confident he would make a great asset to any organization, and his actions would soon be realized as legendary. ”
  -- T. Ramasamy, Naperville, IL
Tony Tony
 “It's never too late.....working with Tony has shown me, that age is just a number. As one of Tony's older clients, I initially had a number of concerns about undertaking a personal training regiment. How hard would it be on my ligements and joints? Would I be able to "keep up?" Would my instructor just put me through a standard, one-size-fits-all set of routines, while yelling "Come on!" as he watches the minutes pass until his lunch break, or the next "phone-it-in" training session?

From our first session, I knew Tony was the real deal. He listened to my concerns, (the mark of any great instructor), and developed customized training routines that were easy on my joints and ligaments, but hard on my fat. His training techniques are verstile, imaginative, demanding, yet fun.

Tony's professionalism and work ethic educate and inspire. Some instructors show you movements. Tony educates....stressing all of the small components of an exercise, that as a whole, build strength, increase stamina, prevent injury, and most importantly, yield results. It doesn't matter where my head is when I walk through the door: knowing that Tony is giving me 110% to helping me achieve my goals, inspires me to test my limits....Tony's wealth of knowledge and practical experience are my foundation...the rest if up to me.

Utilizing Tony's customized routines, (2X a week), since May/2010, have added 2 pounds of lean muscle-mass to my frame, increased my stamina dramatically, decreased my overall body fat, and shown me that any limits I may have set for myself, could be surpassed with a personal trainer who is focused, and expert motivator, and gives great feedback. That is Tony .”
  -- Ronold S. Davis, CEO, The Product Launch Dojo, Chicago, IL
Jaime Jaime
 “I recently got him Jaime about 2 months ago. Let me tell you, he has put me through a lot of exercises that a lot of personal trainers don't. He knows exactly what hes doing and i truly love that. Other trainers ive had don't put much effort in their clients but Jaime really does care about his job and people he is training. Every time im done working out with him, i am completely sore and i love that!!! It wouldn't be training if i wasn't sore. Jaime is great and it was truly an honor to write him a review to help him out as he is helping me out!!! As i have been reading other testimonials, i agree with everyone else--i highly recommend Jaime!!!”
  -- Jam, Chicago, IL
 “I have been training with Jaime at his gym for 2 years now!!! I got him and i have stuck with him because he makes you see results!! He is a great guy overall and funny and can really talk to him while your working out. He makes work outs fun and exciting and i keep getting stronger and stronger every time i'm with him. I got Jaime 2 years ago and he's stuck with me for a long time :) I recommend Jaime all the way!!”
  -- Kristy, Chicago, IL
 “My name is Pam and Jaime has been my trainer for about 8 months now. I have gone through some bad times in my life and my daughter was the one that told me i should see a trainer because she had one. She had Jaime and told me that i need to start training with him.
I was scared because i don't like people seeing me at the gym but when my daughter said that he can come to your house, i said "ok, ill try it out." Ever since that moment, i have gone through out!!! i have been up and down with stress and life but when Jaime is there, it helps me relax with life and concentrate on my life for that 1 hour. I have lost 40 pounds with a lot of work. Trust me, IT WAS NOT EASY!!! I still have a lot to accomplish but knowing that i can get through it and Jaime is there to help me, i know i can keep pushing along. My goal for next year is to lose another 40 pounds and run in 1 marathon and i can't wait to have Jaime push me through it all. Jaime is has a lot going for him and i want people to experience his abilities. I didn't want to do it but let my guard down at 55 years old and i feel like i'm 30 years old again. If i can do it, anyone can at any age so don't hesitate to contact him. You won't regret it!!!”
  -- Pam, Chicago, IL
 “Jaime is truely one of the best. He knows my body and every time something hurts, he helps me relieve the pain by doing exercises or massaging the spot that hurts. I have knee problems and always have my whole life. Jaime works with it and still challenges me in different ways without me being in pain. With Jaime being a dancer, as he will tell you, he got extensive training and knows exactly what it feels like to go through pain. Like i said, he can work with injuries and recommend people or things to help you get through it. Jaime is the best and you will see that. Jaime I hope this helps!!!”
  -- Roger, Chicago, IL
 “I've know Jaime for about 3 years but with my busy schedule, i can only see Jaime so often but when i do see him, WOW!!!, its hard. I love that he can work with my schedule and always pushes me when i see him. Just because of my busy schedule, he keeps me on my toes every time and gives me exercises to do when im gone so when i come back to see him, it's like we never left off. Jaime is excellent and i want people to get with him to see exactly what i mean. Everyone has a busy schedule but if i can make time and see results, you can too!!!!”
  -- John, Chicago, IL
 “I have been training with Jaime for a few months now and i have definitely been seeing results. It was hard when i first started but that was because i began to know how out of shape i was. Jaime is tough and everything that he puts me through is a challenge but i love that!!! I love that he pushes me to know that i can accomplish what he wants. He makes you feel great every time he is with you. I would definitely recommended Jaime to other people. He just has a passion for what he does and loves helping people out!!! Thanks”
  -- Cleise, Chicago, IL
 “I have been working with Jaime for over a year and a half. He has put me in the best shape of my life. I have always been active and played sports and never really felt i needed someone to tell me what to do. I went ahead and scheduled with Jaime just to see what else i can learn and conquer. Let me tell you, he put me through a lot that i never thought existed. I like this because it challenges me to push harder and harder. I feel i improve more and more when i see him. I highly recommend Jaime and you won't be disappointed when you do.”
  -- Jessica Rekar
 “I have been training with Jaime for over a year now and i have to say i am so glad i contacted him. He has helped me so much with losing weight. I am now pregnant and is helping me maintain my weight through this. Once this baby is out of me, i look forward to seeing Jaime 3-4 times a week. Everyone should contact him. He is excellent at his job and he is very caring and just a great overall person. Get in contact with him, you won't be sorry you did!!!! I know i didn't”
  -- Tamara Silver

I have trained with Jaime for the past eight months. My sister's wedding this past August motivated me to lose weight so i can look great! Even though the wedding is over, I am still working out with Jaime because he gets results and I see it as the best long term investment towards improving my health. I have dropped nearly two sizes in the past eight months and now i can buy new clothes! When working out, i have twice as much energy. I always feel like I need to be doing something and that is a good thing! Working out has also made me aware of what i am eating and myfitnesspal website has helped me to be aware of the calories i am consuming. I recommend Jaime to everyone I meet! He doesn't let you quit and reminds you that you can do it! Working out with Jaime is never dull; he varies up the exercises every session so that you are exercising all your muscles! I have another wedding to go to in October and cannot wait to wear my red dress i just ordered! Thank you Jaime!”
  -- Deirde Keane
Teri Teri
 “I was lucky enough to get Teri as a trainer. She is the perfect balance hard yet encouraging. She is also very informative about the latest in personal training and weight control. You would be very fortunate to have her also! ”
  -- Rachel Bogden, North Aurora, IL
 “I have been training with Teri for over a month now and I absolutely love her. She is a great trainer - who knows to work within your physical limits as well as encourages you to push yourself to the next level.I am already seeing results in such a short amount of time and it feels great. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is serious about being healthy and fit.”
  -- Natasha, Naperville, IL
At first I was hesitant about getting a personal trainer, but I knew I needed to get into shape and needed the discipline and encouragement to do so in a healthy way. Teri was able to provide just that!

Over these weeks I've noticed how much of a difference focused exercise can make. Teri plans each workout with my specific needs in mind, and the sessions are fun, motivating, and effective. She's also been super accommodating with my busy and sporadic schedule, going out of her way to ensure that I'm working out as consistently as possible. There's no doubt that she's genuinely interested in helping others become fit.

Thanks, Teri!”
  -- Sumbul Iqbal, Glendale Heights, IL
 “Teri has been a great help to me. Before she started working with me, I didn’t have the discipline or knowledge to keep myself in shape. Teri has devised challenging and rewarding workouts that have me looking and feeling great! I have noticed the differences in myself, and I have the knowledge to continue working out in between our sessions. I’m always excited to find out what exercises she has planned for me.”
  -- Matt Schwartz, Arlington Heights, IL
Casey Casey

Casey, Hi it is Jeana. I'm writing you now while I'm in beautiful Arizona. The weather is nice and warm and now I feel confident to wear my new bathing suit! I is all because of you! You are a great trainer and a great person. You understand what I could handleduring our sessions, but you also pushed me to make our workouts even better. I feel that I couldn't be where I am now without you. Everyone around me has noticed noticed differences not only in my body but also in confidence levels. I can wear my new two piece bathing suit and not feel that I shouldwear a one piece or just not go swimming at all. Not only do I feel great about how I look but I also feel healthier. When I walk up and down a lot of stairs I do not huff and puff anymore. It really is a great feeling. I owe all of this to you. Thank you for the great sessions. There is not one session I did not love. I was always excited to come and work out. you made it fun and you challenged me. Thank you for making me look good and feel great about myself!!

Thank you,
Jeana Panunzio”
  -- Jeana Panunzio Hinsdale, IL

Casey Case'm- Wow I can't believe I've gone through 24 sessions already! I must admit you are quit the sport for putting up with me this whole time! You've pushed me above and beyond what I thought I could ever do or accomplish. After all of my complaining, crabbing, and refusing to do what you've asked of me, I'm still here! Go Figure! I'm pretty proud of myself for that. If it weren't for you I probably would have worked out a few times, gotten bored with it then land myself back on the couch complaining about the way I look and feel. I truely appreciate all you have done for me and not letting me give up on myself. The scale is slowly moving down but the changes to my appearance are definitely noticeable. This is why I hired you..another 36 sessions should whoop me into shape huh? Working out six days a week along with training are worth both my time and money. Working out has finally become part of my day. I just wanted to thank you again. You're awesome!!

Holly ”
  -- Holly Johnson, Villa Park, IL

Dear Casey, Thank you!!! I started my 16 day program with you Jan 13. Before then, I was 120 lbs as you know I am 4'11"tall(use to wear sizes 4/6 clothes) and was up to wearing 8 and 10 size clothes. My kids call me "marshmallow mommy", it sounds sweet and loving but I felt depressed everytime they pinch my fat belly while calling me "marshmellow mommy". The first 2 days of my workout with you I felt like I was in a training camp. I even thought "what did I get myself into and what was I thinking, why did I spend my money to get tortured like this"? Well guess what here I am, giving you thank for being such a good coach and motivator. Thank you for helping me get a grip with my food intake-yes I totally cut down on my rice, bacon, and sweets. Thank you for helping me sweat on my workouts. Thank you for helping me shed off 20lbs. Yes!!! I am down to 100lbs wearing size 4 clothes and very much ready for summer!!! Thank you for being a good supportive coach!

Your client,
Loretta (ex-marshmallow mom)”
  -- Loretta, Elmhurst, IL

Dear Casey-It was a pleasure to work out with you as a trainer. My goal to lose pounds and firm up had been fulfilled. Its wonderful to feel physically fit and stay healthy. Thank you for everything that you had done. you are an awesome trainer

20 pounds lighter,
  -- Perla Arlington Heights, IL

I have worked with Casey for over 6 years now. Never a dull moment! Casey is a Great trainer with a great personality and he demands results. Be prepared to accomplish your goals!”
  -- Kim Forester, Bloomingdale, IL
Aaron Aaron
 “I have had personal trainers for the past ten years, so I know when someone knows their stuff and has been properly trained.

Aaron is always challenging me with something new and showing me that I am capable of more-whether it be kettlebells or boxing.

I want to do a better job as a client because he believes in my abilities.

While I was in good shape before, I have more endurance and find my workouts on my own are more productive because of my time with Aaron.

It has been a great investment.

  -- Michelle, Chicago IL
 “I have worked with Aaron over the past six months. Having worked with trainers in the past, I believe Aaron has the characteristics that makes him the best I have worked with – he is genuinely committed to the success of his clients, has deep technical knowledge (and can explain in layman terms the benefits derived from various exercises) and is personable and professional. He leverages these qualities to offer a very motivating workout which has translated into tangible results (a loss of 30lbs and a 7% reduction in body fat in six months). I look forward to continuing my work with him.”
  -- Tony, Chicago IL
 “I have been working out with Aaron for over a year now and the investment has most definitely paid off. My goal has been to gain muscle mass and improve my eating habits. Aaron is well suited to help someone attain both those goals. From an exercise perspective he is always changing things up, showing me new twists on old exercises as well as throwing in completely new challenges. I’ve achieved more than I thought possible and know I would not have gotten there without his help. Aaron is also very knowledgeable about nutrition. His advice doesn’t just cover what and what not to eat but goes further to include strategic times and menus based on your goals. He is also always sharing ideas for recipes and supplements etc. Additionally I’ve appreciated Aaron’s flexibility from a scheduling perspective which makes it easy to get time in with him. I’ll sum it up with this…I recently had to donate several shirts to good will because I had outgrown them!”
  -- Biff, Chicago IL
 “Aaron’s professionalism, patience, and creative approach to my fitness goals has won me over as his client for over a year. He’s brought new variety to my workouts that I never imagined possible and am always challenged with each visit. I’ve found new strength and abilities that I never imagined I would attain, and my body has never looked or felt better! His approach and knowledge are exactly what I needed to push myself to a higher level. An athlete looking for a challenge will find it with Aaron.”
  -- Andrew, Chicago IL
 “I just wanted to send you quick note telling you how amazing it is to train with Aaron. He is so enthusiastic, and so obviously loves his job. He pushes me farther than I would ever push myself, and is constantly inventing new ways to "torture" me, which is so effective,because it keeps my body and mind working, and I think it keeps itinteresting for him. He has invented a ton of interesting exercises that address my special request to train for a trekking expedition next year, involving balance, and uneven surfaces - I love how he challenges me and himself to constantly push the envelope. While he is definitely tough on me from a training perspective, he is gracious and kind, and a pleasure to work with.
I have worked with a lot of trainers, and Aaron is by far the best I have ever worked with. I look forward to working with him in the New Year and beyond.”
  -- Marina, Chicago IL

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