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 “I’ve First off- Bill [the director] was so helpful! And he followed through to make sure to get me a trainer. And then Vicki Jo helped me get my pregnant body in action. I needed the motivation and proper training while I was pregnant and she was GREAT!

  -- Lindsey

 “I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Business Owner for the past 12 years. Several months ago, I discovered and posted my profile hoping I could find some additional clients.

I am very pleased to say that with Director Bill Cummings’ help, I have added on more quality clients than I can handle. This website along with Bill’s diligent management is pure Gold for any Trainer or Fitness Professional who wants to attract new clients.

The finder’s fee is nominal and the quantity and quality of clients is superb. I highly recommend joining Personal Trainer Network for any diligent and committed Fitness Professional who is serious about growing their Fitness Business.”

  -- Nicole

 “You're awesome! Your business has given me the best client leads by far!”

  -- Jeanne P.

 “I am an independent Personal Trainer who is always looking to grow and retain my clientele. Advertising myself through is what has lead me to accomplishing exactly that.

It wasn’t long before I had been given three solid leads that turned into the type of clients that every trainer dreams of having.

I highly recommend and everything it has to offer. Bill Cummings has created something that delivers what it says it will at the highest level.”

  -- Nicholas P., M.A., NASM-CPT

 “I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars in advertising and wasnít getting the results I was looking for. I came across Personal Trainer Network about a month ago and signed up. Since then, this site has gotten me a client on a daily basis and Iím almost filled up at this time.

Personal Trainer Network has been the best thing that has ever happened for my business. Thanks, Personal Trainer Network. ”

  -- Jake H., St. Charles, IL.

 “Personal Trainer Network provides personal trainers the unique opportunity to gain valuable clients who are ready to learn from their expertise. The website is organized and clearly communicates with clientele on how to establish in-home personal training.

As a degreed exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer, I value a business that excels at delivering quality service to clients in need. The network is providing such an outstanding service for both the trainer and the client.

The best part about working with Personal Trainer Network is the confidence I have in this website and the comfort of knowing they believe in results.”

  -- Karen S., Personal Trainer Plainfield, IL

 “Bill – Just a brief note to thank you for the referrals! Iíve joined other Ďpersonal trainer searchí sites before, and havenít received a single lead. Personal Trainer Network has already provided me two qualified clients!

My favorite aspect of the Network is that prospective clients can choose their trainer based on what is important to them – qualifications, specialties, and location. Thanks for offering such a great service to fitness professionals!”

  -- Andrew E., Deerfield, IL

 “All I can say is that Bill and Personal Trainer Network has saved my business!! I have been a trainer for years and Bill's website has been the only site that I can rely on for generating quality leads that actually work out.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Bill, and he is VERY upbeat and energetic. He is an inspiration to me, not only due to his dedication to all of us as trainers, but he is also a GREAT man! He is a father of 3 and soon to be 4, who runs his own business, trains for marathons, and generates light and inspiration to all of us trainers.

I appreciate Bill and PT network because it is very professional and reliable. This website has given me the opportunity to display my professionalism and experience in an easy to navigate and friendly way. Since we include our picture on the website, potential clients are able to place a face with a name before even meeting us.

I look forward to a GREAT and BRIGHT future being a trainer with personal trainer network. Bill is easy to work with and gives you his all, whether it is 5am or 10pm. He is hard working and cares about us. Please do not hesitate to contact myself and or Bill for more information about Chicago's finest trainers.”

  -- Elaine M., Hoffman Estates, IL

630-541-LIFE (5433)