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Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
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 “Our corporate fitness wellness bootcamps consist of 1-2 day seminars designed to help small and large companies shape up their fiscal bottom line by providing hands on education and a learn by doing experience. Employees will become healthy vibrant workers full of zest and energy. Employers more productive workers equal less sickness and health related issues, greater productivity and less absentism. All this equals a greater profit for the company and a improved morale of enthusiastic eager to learn employees dedicated to helping the team jell together as a unit while reaching everyones goals on a daily basis. For Athletic performance.We take a smarter total body approach in preparing our athlete's bodies for the specific demands of their position and sport. Our success stems from building the athlete from the ground up ,which includes emphasis on structural integrity as well as instability and proper postural alignment. movements. "A house is only as solid as the foundation that it lies upon and so is the body to its foot and ankle complex." Our use of Functional activated core movements as well as innovative techniques helps develop power that is instantly apllicable to a sport. By structuring a periodization program based on an athlete's position and sport, we can maximize results and performance levels to peak at the critical momemts of the competition. ”
Westmont, IL
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Chicago In-home Training:
Chicago City Limits, Northwest Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Far West Suburbs
Childhood Obesity Prevention, Performance Training for Athletes, Senior Fitness
Rates: $150-200/hr
Certifications: ACSM, CSCS, IDEA - MT, NSCA
Education: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 36.75 Years
Performs Fitness Evaluation: Yes
Liability Insurance: Yes

630-541-LIFE (5433)