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Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
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 “The answer to changing your life is right here! Chicago personal trainer and author Michael Moody (also known for being the fitness expert on the Biggest Loser/MSN Chicago tour and the personal fitness trainer for The Whitney Reynolds Show on PBS) has personally helped personal training clients collectively lose over 2,500 lbs since 2005! Currently, he is the personal trainer in Chicago for Emmy Award winning producer Dana Michelle Cook, executive producer of Chicago Ideas Week Carrie Kennedy, and director John Lerchen. Michael's personal training programs have set the standard for personal trainers in Chicago with his one-on-one personal training sessions and unique integration of personal fitness, nutritional guidance, and stress management. As a certified fitness nutrition specialist in Chicago, Michael truly tailors the comprehensive experience for weight loss results....guaranteed. Like Dr. Fuhrman, Michael's approach leans on natural choices without weight loss supplements (unlike most personal trainers in Chicago). The structure is adaptable, realistic, and integrative. And...yes....personal training clients can still drink a glass of wine in their diet while trying to lose weight. ”
Chicago, IL
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Facility Locations:
Chicago, IL & Chicago, IL
Chicago In-home Training:
Chicago City Limits
Balance Training, Cardiovascular, Injury Prevention, Muscle Tone, Nutrition, Performance Training for Athletes, Weight Loss
Rates: $43-95/hr
Certifications: ACE
Education: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 13.75 Years
Performs Fitness Evaluation: Yes
Liability Insurance: Yes

630-541-LIFE (5433)