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Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
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 “Greetings future client! I want to take a moment to thank you for considering me as your resource for your fitness goals. I specialize in optimizing and speeding up the process of toning and weight-loss by first identifying and addressing highly specific weak areas of your body. Intensity of your workouts is the driving factor in you seeing results ASAP! However, weak areas, or also known as areas of instability, like a weak link in a bridge, can be your downfall. A single injury from a weak link in your body could set you back weeks or even months in your path towards results! We won't let that happen. Trust in me and I will do everything in my power to help you lose weight and tone up. We will do it together.”
Chicago, IL
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Facility Locations:
Chicago, IL & Chicago, IL
Chicago In-home Training:
Chicago City Limits, North Suburbs, Western Suburbs
Boot Camps, Injury Prevention, Muscle Tone, Optimal Health Lifestyle Fitness, Performance Enhancement, Strength Training, Weight Loss
Rates: $40-90/hr
Certifications: CPR, NASM
Education: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 16.0 Years
Performs Fitness Evaluation: Yes
Liability Insurance: Yes

630-541-LIFE (5433)