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Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
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 “'Teamwork'--it's what personal training is all about, right? I can never quite believe it when I see a trainer looking at his cell phone while taking someone through a session; to me this is letting your teammate down. Let's leave the outside world on the doorstep while we work together to get you the body you desire. Want pounds of solid muscle? That's my specialty. Want a bubble butt? Guy or gal, I'm an expert at it! Want a more chiseled look, or increased endurance, or whittle down that jelly belly or thunder thighs you've been carrying since high school? For over 20 years I've been assisting people in meeting their goals. I purposely keep my rates down because I truly love to help people. I promise you you'll work hard, yet at the same time be prepared to have a little fun, for life is short, brother. So if you've been putting it off, let me just say this: there will never be a 'perfect time' to get started. Only when there's six feet of dirt over your head will you truly be free of life's hassles. So let's get it on. Right now. TODAY. The road to a better looking and better feeling you begins with a first step. Why not make that step an email to me?”
chicago, IL
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Facility Location:
chicago, IL
Chicago In-home Training:
Chicago City Limits, North Suburbs
Bodybuilding, Core Training, Endurance, Flexibility, Muscle Tone, Strength Training, Weight Lifting
Rates: $45-60/hr
Certifications: IFPA
Education: Some Training
Experience: 32.1 Years
Performs Fitness Evaluation: Yes
Liability Insurance: Yes

630-541-LIFE (5433)