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Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
Personal Trainer Chicago
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 “Do you want to loose weight, gain muscle, increase your stamina, get that six-pack youíve always wanted, or most importantly improve your health? Well I'm the guy for you! Iíve worked in gyms such as Xsport fitness, Cardinal, and Ballys but decided to take my work to those in need of In-home training. I want to help all those out there who are serious and motivated to get their bodies in shape without the extra expenses of a gym. Improving your fitness and health is the most important thing one can do for themselves and their family and Iím here to make sure it happens. With specialized programs that fit your needs, nutrition plans to go along with your workouts, and the best friendliest you can get, I guarantee we will reach your goals.”
Forest Park , IL
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Chicago In-home Training:
Chicago City Limits, North Suburbs, South Suburbs
Aerobics, Cardiovascular, Core Training, Functional Training, Muscle Tone, Nutrition, Performance Training for Athletes
Rates: $45-75/hr
Certifications: NESTA
Education: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 11.1 Years
Performs Fitness Evaluation: Yes
Liability Insurance: Yes

630-541-LIFE (5433)